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Phillippe de Vitry:

Phillippe de Vitry Music project

Principal information:

Principal information Born in 1291 and died in 1361. He was a french composer, music theorist and poet. Studied in Paris music. He was also serving famous people like Charles IV, Phillippe VI and Jean II. Hed served as a secretary and advisor. HE was also diplomat and soldier In 1351, he became Bishop of Meaux, east of Paris .

His life:

His life Vitry became famous because of his music history writing Ars Nova. He also wrote chansons and motets, but only a few have survived. Each motet is individual exploring a unique structural idea. He also developped isorhythm. It is a repeating pattern. Example of isorhythm: a line of thirty consecutive notes might contain five repetitions of a six-note melody, and six repetitions of a five-note rhythm He was considered as the best musician of that time.


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