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We at Polyfluoroltd offers a wide range of PEEK seals in different profiles for specific applications. They are made using specialized materials for high quality and performance and will also be able to provide customized seals based on the client requirement. Our PEEK seal consists of glass filling consisting of Bronze, carbon and MoS2 fillers.


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Precision-machined PEEK components Integrated service Poly Fluoro Ltd is one of only a handful of companies in India with the ability to mould and machine PEEK components to suit any application. Our in-house moulding allows us to control the wastage and minimise development lead time while our state-of-the-art CNC machining division converts the moulded parts into machined components matching global levels of tolerance. Specialised service Among the array of products offered by Poly Fluoro Ltd. are engineering and design assistance and unusual fabrication techniques. Poly Fluoro has CNC capabilities and a dedicated team of machining experts who review each product and recommend the design and material most suitable for the application. We can also help in refinement of existing designs. Selection of material design and tolerances are vital factors in achieving the optimum combination of performance in service and economies in production. We have had experience with a wide range of shapes and sizes. Our team is constantly in touch with specialists and resin manufacturers around the world to incorporate the latest processing techniques in PEEK and continually augment our understanding of the material and its applications. This know-how is available to our clients to allow them to make more informed decisions regarding their component requirements and serviceably of the end product. About Poly Fluoro Since establishment in 1985 Poly Fluoro Ltd. has been at the forefront of thermoplastic innovation pioneering the manufacture and application of engineered plastics in India. We are an accredited ISO 9001-2008 system based in a modern 20000-sq.ft plant offering complete design prototype and production services. This incorporates the capacity to mould extrude cast and machine both virgin and formulated polymer components from sizes ranging from 1mm to in excess of 500mm diameters. Allying a traditional engineering background with in-house material production and innovative new techniques we have developed a unique range of products which are tailored to suit numerous applications. To many Poly Fluoro Ltd. and its extensive range of formulated polymer specialty components is synonymous with the finest most dependable engineering plastic for OE fitment. Over 100 OEMs regularly source their polymer requirements from us with an increasing number of these being import substitutes. Drawing received from customer Design Department creates 3D model of the piece Part is CNC machined to the precise specifications of the customer

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Why machining by Poly Fluoro is most suitable PEEK requires special skills in machining to obtain accurate dimensions. The relative hardness stresses within the moulded part and generally high rate of wear on the tool dictates the need for careful handling. Poly Fluoro combines special tooling and machining techniques with a wealth of experience to achieve the correct dimensions every time. Careful attention is given to control minor variations in manufacturing procedures or conditions which can seriously affect the quality and serviceably of the end product. Poly Fluoro Ltd. has been a leader in the machining of polymer components for more than a decade. Equipments and techniques have been carefully studied and continually modified and refined during this period. Thus we have been able to improve the efficiency and speed with which close tolerance machined components are produced. If you need parts machined from PEEK – Poly Fluoro Ltd. has the experience and expertise to fulfil your requirements. Why convert to parts made of PEEK Durability • Wear characteristics • Frictional concerns • Stress Regulatory Requirements • FDA • USDA • ASTM Usage conditions • Chemical environment • UV requirements • T emperature Key challenges in PEEK machining Important to maintain optimum crystallinity to avoid chipping during machining Deformation due to heating of tool and material during turning Significant wear out of tool to be monitored constantly to ensure dimensional stability Stress in material has to be removed through annealing to avoid cracking Difficult to obtain tolerances less than 25μm Choice of tool and important factor in achieving dimensions

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Typical Properties 1 of PEEK Property T est Method Units Values MECHANICAL T ensile strength 50 mm/min 50 mm/min ASTM D638 ISO 527-2/1A MPa MPa 95 96 T ensile modulus 50 mm/min ASTM D638 GPa 3.50 T ensile elongation at yield 1 mm/min 50 mm/min 50 mm/min ISO 527-2/1A ASTM D638 ISO 527-2/1A GPa 3.83 5.2 4.9 T ensile elongation at break 50 mm/min ASTM D638 20-30 Flexural strength 50 mm/min ISO 527-2/1A ASTM D790 ISO 178 MPa MPa 20-30 146 121 Flexural modulus ASTM D790 GPa 3.70 Compressive strength ISO 178 ASTM D695 GPa MPa 3.70 118 Izod impact notched ASTM D256 J/m 91 Izod impact unnotched ISO 180 ASTM D4812 ISO 180 kJ/m 2 J/m kJ/m 2 9.2 NB 2 NB 2 Shear strength ASTM D732 MPa 84 Poisson’s ratio ASTM E132 0.33 THERMAL Heat deflection temperature annealed 3 1.82 MPa ASTM D648 o C 157 Glass transition temperature ASTM D3418 o C 150 Melting point ASTM D3418 o C 340 CLTE flow direction -50°C to 50°C ASTM E831 ppm/ o C 43 Thermal conductivity ASTM E1530 W/m-K 0.24 Specific heat capacity 50 o C DSC kJ/kg- o C 1.56 Flammability 200 o C 1.6 mm 0.8 mm DSC UL 94 UL 94 kJ/kg- o C 2.15 V-0 V-1 Oxygen index ASTM D2863 36.8 GENERAL Specific gravity ASTM D792 1.30 Water absorption 24 Hours ASTM D570 0.1 Rockwell hardness M Scale ASTM D785 97 Melt flow 400 o C 2.16 kg ASTM D1238 g/10 min 3 Melt viscosity 400 o C 1000 s -1 ASTM D3835 kPa-s 0.44 Mold shrinkage as molded flow direction 3.2 x 12.7 x 127 mm ASTM D955 1.1-1.3 Mold Shrinkage As Molded Transverse Direction 3.2 x 12.7 x 127 mm ASTM D955 1.3-1.5 1 Actual properties of individual batches will vary within specification limits 2 NB no break 3 HDT Measured on annealed specimens 3.2 mm thick 2 hours at 200 o C

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Other products from Poly Fluoro Ltd. FluoroTube™ PTFE Tubing FluoroTube marks the entry of Poly Fluoro into the PTFE tubing segment. The grades and sizes available make FluoroTubeTM ideal for applications such as medical chemical and automotives. FluoroTube comes in sizes ranging from 1mm to 25mm diameters and is unique in many ways when compared to conventional polymer tubing: • Highly resistant to corrosive chemicals • Working temperature range of -200 o C to +220 o C • Chemically inert - making it ideal for medical applications • Extremely low coefficient of friction Lubring™ Lubring Slideways a proprietary PTFE formulation is a superior bearing material developed specially for machine tool ways gibs and other sliding applications. It is widely used by leading machine tool manufacturers re-builders and in-plant personnel to restore existing equipment to like-new precision. Lubring exhibits superior performance when compared to other slideway bearings: • Excellent vibration dampening – dampens cutting tool vibration from migrating throughout the machine tool • Chemical resistance – resists aggressive coolants and lubricants • High wear resistance – ensures long service life • Low wear in the event of dry operation – protects mechanical components in cases of poor or failed lubrication • Impervious to moisture Bridge Bearings Poly Fluoro combines its expertise in PTFE skived sheets with know- how on PTFE bonding techniques to produce high quality sliding bearings and PTFE-POT bearings. Our bearings usually employ PTFE with a 25 glass filling as this gives us superior creep properties. Fillers of bronze and carbon are also available. We are equipped with facilities for testing the testing tensile properties deformation and shore hardness of our sheets before we employ them in bridge bearings. Our bridge bearings exhibit the following characteristics: • Coefficient of friction as low as 0.03-0.05 – near rolling friction • Load bearing capacity in the range of 40MPa • PV values in excess of 10000 260A. Bommasandra Industrial Area Hosur Road Bangalore – 560 099 T el: 91-80-27833068. Fax: 91-80-27832549. Mail: Website:

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