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P-life additive is the only formula that will allow plastic to degrade at 100%, keep its thickness, be produced in color, control the speed of degradation, contain liquids and is approved worldwide.


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EcoloLife presents P-Life® Environmental & Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Bag and any plastic Packaging EcoloLife™

EcoloLife™ Introduction: 

About “EcoloLife, Inc” EcoloLife Inc. is a privately held US Florida corporation engaged in the production, development, and marketing of “P-Life” degradable polymeric additives and compounds. EcoloLife Inc. globally supplies its products to countries including North America, Europe and Asia.   What is P-Life degradable resin? It is a resin designed specifically to enable any type of plastics production in terms of thickness, color and control the program shelf life of the plastic or its degradation, minimizing the environmental impact to zero. With P-Life, we can determine when the plastic will start to degrade and when the plastic will disappear. This consequently will reduce and eventually eliminate any kind of plastic polution. EcoloLife™ Introduction

Degradation Steps: 

Degradation Steps of P-Life® Degradable Plastic Add P-Life® USA additive in the Plastic Material Sent to landfill after use Sun Light + Heat + Oxygen + Water Oxidative Degradation - Production of low molecular mass oxidation products. Natural Soil or Composting Environment Bio-degradation – Bio-assimilation of low molecular mass oxidation products. CO2, H2O Degradation Steps

100% Bio-degradable: 

100% Bio-degradable Actual Customer Samples being tested

Plastic Life Cycle: 

Plastic Life Cycle

P-Life & other technology: 

P-Life vs Other Technology P-Life & other technology


Our Product Range & Applications Retail Shopping Bags - Document Bags / Courier Bags Garbage Bags - Food Waste Collection Bag Food & Beverage - Lunch Box / Drink Cup & Lip - Food Trays/ Roll Bags - Cutlery / Straw Packaging - Loose Fills - Foamed Sheets - PP Straps - PP Ropes Others - Coin Bags - Bank Security Bags - Stationery Goods - Card Holders - Plastic Sand Bags - Seedling Bags - Agricultural Films


P-Life® Certifications Biodegradability Certifications ASTM D6954-04 ISO1485 standard JIS K:6953:2000 Food Grade Certifications FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 Commission Directive 2002-72-EC Certifications

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