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? What are you doing This weekend? Mowing the Lawn? Mowing? Scrubbing the sink? Scrubbing? Laundry? Or… How about..

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…saving humanity?

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The International Society of Scholastics Is proud to present 3 hour courses In the Scholastic Philosophy Of Thomas Aquinas To solve all of man’s puzzles… Scientific… Ethical… political Of Common Sense In the Philosophy Ethical… Ethical… Scientific… Scientific… political political Do animals have rights? What is the natural law? Can we disobey the law? What’s wrong with modern science? Is socialism moral? Is capitalism evil? What is brain death? Can we prove evolution? All from the comfort of your home computer

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Now, That’s how to spend A Saturday Morning!

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Crash Course 1 session. 3 hours. Everything you need to know. Sapientis online philosophic education Now in bite-size doses introducing…

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The International Society of Scholastics Saving humanity One intellect at a time

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