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Boiler Installation Romford - Plumbing Magic Plumbing and Heating Romford 19 Blade Court, 29 Oldchurch Road Romford, Essex RM7 0BG


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Boiler Installation Romford: Boiler Installation Romford Plumbing Magic Romford

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Your boiler is the mechanical heart of your home . Without a boiler system, you could have no water being supplied to your taps and appliances including radiators and tanks. If you are experiencing a boiler breakdown or have any problems with you boiler, contact our local plumbers to get you boiler system running smoothly again. They have the knowledge and advice to give you on which service is appropriate for your situation.

Boiler Repair:

Boiler Repair In some cases, the boiler service only calls for a repair.  This doesn’t involve installing a brand new boiler and can be cheaper to pay for. Boiler repairs can also be quick and a qualified plumber will complete the repair without any disruption to your home . A boiler repair service can be called in cases of fixable boiler problems. This can range from a fault in your boiler or its system to high or low pressure readings and water leaks. A trusted plumber can identify the fault and replace any parts that are defected. This is a lot easier and less costly than a boiler replacement.

Boiler Replacement:

Boiler Replacement Other cases call for a boiler replacement. Not only is the defected piece being replaced, the whole system is being removed and a new, more efficient boiler will take its place . A boiler replacement requires old boiler removal and new boiler installation.

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