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Blockchain is the #latest #trending #technology which has revolutionized the healthcare industries. In #healthcareindustry it helps in keeping the patient’s data and payments secure, these were just the high level benefits of the #BlockchainAppDevelopment technology in healthcare industries. #MobileAppDevelopmentCompanyinIndia #iOSAppDevelopment #ARAppDevelopment #VRAppDevelopment #CrossPlatformAppDevelopment #PHPWebAppDevelopment #WebAppDevelopmentCompanyIndia


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How Blockchain Is Shaping Healthcare Blockchain is the latest trending technology which has revolutionized the healthcare industries. In healthcare industry it helps in keeping the patient’s data and payments secure these were just the high level benefits of the Blockchain App Development technology in healthcare industries some detailed benefits are as follows: 1. Secure Medical Records With the increase in the number of cyber frauds these days ensuring the security of personal data has become an area of high concern for all industries. Similarly ensuring the safety of patient’s medical records has become a priority asks in the healthcare industry and hospitals are investing huge amounts in ensuring this safety. Hospitals use data centres for storing all the electronic medical records which is only accessible to hospitals and caretakers. To protect against the threat of data security Mobile App Development uses blockchain technology can help the healthcare industry in making all of its electronic medical records completely secure. In a Blockchain network patient’s medical history is shared with only limited set of people and whenever there is any updating in the records the changes are transferred to all the people having authorized access to the Blockchain network. Thus Blockchain technology ensures that the electronic medical records are secure and invulnerable. 2. Secure And Faster Payments While settling claims in the hospital generally patients do not carry and submit all the required documents at once. Hence some back and forth needs to be done for providing the

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information which consumes more time and cost. In Android and iOS App Development blockchain technology helps in easing out this process by automating the collection and sharing of information. Thus making this process faster and secure. Any change to data requires the permission of all the authorized members of a blockchain network. Hence there is no chance of any kind of tampering in records. 3. Avoiding Insurance Frauds Blockchain technology by ensuring the authenticity of the patients upfront can avoid a fraudulent transaction which happens when dishonest providers and patients submit wrong claims/information in order to get payable advantages. Author Bio: Tauseef Anwar is the CEO of Pixel Values Technolabs a top-rated Mobile App Development Company in India. Tauseef believes in making customer satisfaction as the top most priority and takes care of the Business Development and operations. An entrepreneur by heart he is always ready to speak a few words or discuss the latest tech especially if it is mobile technology. Contact Information: Call us at 0712-6611379 OR 9822367795 Skype: Pixel_values Website:

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