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MAHARA@USP: Getting started with ePortfolios:

MAHARA@USP: Getting started with ePortfolios Pita Tuisawau & Tevita Jitoko Centre for Flexible & Distance Learning

What we will cover:

What we will cover What is an ePortfolio History/Background PHASE 1: Evaluation & Testing Research Evaluation of top 3 Pilot testing (LW352 & CFDL) training PHASE 2: Roll out UU100 Current uses (PLP, Assessment, Personal) Graduating students Challenges Benefits Lessons learnt

Pre-history: early attempts at ePortfolios:

Pre-history: early attempts at ePortfolios Joe’s story LW305 (2005 on EASOL) Anita Jowitt Issues in maintaining motivation and managing work for undergraduate research projects Research diaries for motivation and to encourage Reflective learning (discussion forum threads) Group portfolios (Collaborative) Lessons learnt Did not provide clear guidelines No space to upload artefacts


WHAT IS AN EPORTFOLIO? “a [digital] collection of evidence that is gathered together to show a person’s learning journey over time and to demonstrate their abilities ” (adapted from Butler, 2006)


ARTEFACT → VIEW ← ACCESS Source: MoodleMoot Conference: presentation by Penny Leach (LIIP, Switzerland) Using Moodle with Mahara

Sarah Lambert ePortfolio workshops (May 2008):

Sarah Lambert ePortfolio workshops (May 2008) Ms Lambert conducted a series of presentations on e-portfolios Shared experience on University of Wollongong “home grown” eportfolio They were looking at Mahara at the time

Setting up of Eportfolio Working Group (Aug 2009):

Setting up of Eportfolio Working Group (Aug 2009) EWG set up to ensure a quality and educationally sound implementation of the ePortfolio tool for UU100 and USP. Research and testing August 2009 Post Implementation December 2010 Implementation (UU100) July 2010

1. Research: Literature review :

1. Research: Literature review Eportfolios Criteria Eport­folio Foliotek Livetext Task­stream TK20 Trueout Black­board Pebblepad Desire-2-learn Artifacts (Multiple File Types) Ease of navigation Graduate attribute matrix Ease of Observation Ease of Assessment Collaboration Cost Used By Higher education

Eportfolio evaluation:

Eportfolio evaluation Built for social networking than ePortfolio OU Moodle eportfolio plugin Inflexible USQ, Woolongong Interoperability with Moodle Can incorporate GA Matrix Collaborative authoring and ownership Import/export entire student portfolio Modularity & Flexible APIs

Pilot testing: May 2010 SOL e-Portfolio template:

Pilot testing: May 2010 SOL e-Portfolio template

Pilot testing: July 2010 e-Portfolio Training (CFDL):

Pilot testing: July 2010 e-Portfolio Training (CFDL)

Slide 12:

Example of staff profile

Roll out (UU100): August 2010 Vanuatu student eportfolio:

Roll out (UU100): August 2010 Vanuatu student eportfolio

Roll out on Pilot course (UU100):

Roll out on Pilot course (UU100) “all in all the e-portfolio is an excellent guide in terms of reviewing our work or experience that we hve sat out 2 do. it is a better way of illustrating or showing us past experiences nd our goals th@ we want to fulfil.” UU100 student

Future developments: (GAs) & Personal Learning Planner (PLP):

Future developments: (GAs) & Personal Learning Planner (PLP)

Future developments: & Collaboration:

Future developments: & Collaboration USP Alumni: Following features to be made available: Profiles Resume Interests Goals (Personal, Academic & Career) e-Portfolios Group Collaboration e-Portfolio templates

Challenges (Technology):

Challenges (Technology) Bugs Responsibility/Work Loads Sustainability (will I still have access after Graduation?) Ownership Access issues in the region (resolved in October) Data protection, confidentiality, security

Challenges (Implementation process):

Challenges (Implementation process) Time UOW trials in 2002 & 2003 Implementation in 2006 USP trials in 2009 Implementation in 2010 Resources 6 year old computers in Emalus teaching lab Staff (Help & support for Mahara users) Communication (issues with pilot testing through LW352) Distance (both challenge & opportunity)

Benefits (Process):

Benefits (Process) The activities of the eportfolio project have been useful in: Understanding student needs and perceptions regarding eportfolios; and reflecting via ePortfolios. Identifying the kind of support that both staff and students require to integrate ePortfolios into subjects (including how it might be assessed). Identifying ways to best support students to reflect and store evidence of learning against GAs.

Benefits (technology):

Benefits (technology) Improve learning experience Promotes higher thinking skills Evaluating/Critical thinking Creating Promote awareness of Graduate attributes Personal Development Planning (Review of 14000 Ref) Access to works and reflections of other students Ownership of learning/Motivation Record of Life long learning Social networking and collaboration

Lessons Learnt:

Lessons Learnt Team work is key for a successful project Intra-department CFDL (CDD & SLS) Inter-department CFDL & FSTE Inter-institution with former USP collegues (Sunil’s help with Pebblepad evaluation) Sunil

Lessons Learnt:

Lessons Learnt Students can be motivated when they are creating……………. Print is still needed for guiding students in the use of the technology Distance can be conquered by technology and patience (loads of it) Leadership can be conducted from the region


Acknowledgements SOL staff (Aidan & Anita) UU100 staff SLS FSTE Sunil CFDL staff EWG Dr Anjeela Jokhan Viren Sharma Rajneel Totaram


References Butler, P (2006) A review of the literature on portfolios and electronic portfolios, , accessed 20 Apr University of Wollongong, about eportfolio trials (accessed 5 Nov 2010)

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