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We offer all types of PVC Pipes like Metric PVC Pipe, Inch (Imperial) PVC Fittings and Metric PVC Fittings etc at reasonable rates.


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Plastic Pipe :

Plastic Pipe  Other applications for clear pvc pipe and fittings include those where the process water needs to be observed. Here it should be noted that in many respects, clear pipe is no different to any other pipe. Cut open a process pipe system that has been continually in operation for some tie and the inside of the pipe is rarely the same color as it was wh en it was installed. http://plasticpipeshop.co.uk/

PVC Pipe:

PVC Pipe http://plasticpipeshop.co.uk/ The primary issue when installing clear PVC Pipes into system, comes when those systems are carrying water and are exposed to sunlight.  With even a minute amount of nutrient loading in he water, algal build up on the inside of the pipe can be rapid. This then presets two issues.

ABS Pipe:

ABS Pipe This discoloration in itself is not usually an issue, however, where there is fouling in the pipe system, it can have a adverse affect on the flow rates through the pipe work by increasing friction.  The periodic insertion of a clear pipe section into a plastic pipe system, enables the operator to keep an eye on the level of discoloration and solids build up. http://plasticpipeshop.co.uk/

Plastic Pipe Shop:

Plastic Pipe Shop Plastic pipe glue however, works on the solvent principle, and so is called a “solvent cement” rather than “glue”. A solvent cement works not by sticking to the plastic pipe, but by a double process of melting and evaporation. http://plasticpipeshop.co.uk/

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