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The beauty of fresh flowers and their sweet fragrance are enough to mesmerise the senses of anyone. Flowers, as gifts for special occasions or sometimes, without any occasion, are always known to bring smiles on the faces of people, especially women.


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Top Flowers That Every Woman Loves! GIFT HER FLOWERS!


Roses Roses have colour , fragrance and variety. They make for the perfect choice when you are looking forward to gift flowers to a woman and are no longer limited to Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries. A bouquet of fresh roses in red, pink, orange, yellow or white is a fabulous way to convey your feelings to the person you are gifting it to. When you  send roses online , it means a lot to the receiver because it reflects your feelings of care and affection.


Lilies A bunch of fresh, beautiful lilies in lighter shades like pink, white, peach and yellow is a beautiful expression of admiration. A woman is likely to feel special when  she's gifted a mixed bouquet of lilies  packaged beautifully in paper tied up with ribbons. Add some greens in your bunch for a dash of elegance.


Gerberas Gerbera Daisy is yet another flower which is loved by woman of all ages. They offer a huge variety is terms of colours . Pink, yellow, peach, red, purple, orange, blue, burgundy and green — think of any colour and you’ll find gerbera daisies in it. A dozen of these beauties in different colours or even the same colour make for an ideal gift.


Carnations Carnations are one flower that signify a number of human emotions — admiration, fascination and bonding. Available in a riot of colours , these bright and beautiful blooms are loved by women and are suitable for gifting to a woman of any age and for whatever relation you share. Carnation has a special significance as it is traditionally considered as a first wedding anniversary flower.


Tulips Speak of elegance and tulips will take the lead. The beautiful bud like blooms of this flower make a great bouquet to convey thoughts of love and care. These long-stemmed spring beauties come in a variety of colours ranging from red and purple to lighter colours like pink, white and off-white.


Orchids The silky touch of these flowers and their fabulous colours make them the right choice for gifting. These exotic flowers are easy to care for and are long-lasting. They also enjoy a universal appeal due to their rich purple, blue hues, though you will find white, yellow and red too.


The connection between flowers and women is difficult to understand or is rather easy, because there is quite a bit of similarities between the two — beautiful, delicate, bright, loving and ever-ready to spread happiness. This is probably the reason why a woman is always  happy to receive flowers . .


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