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Community Cohesion:

Community Cohesion © B Pickavance ~is a common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in society

The role of Men and Women:

The role of Men and Women In the past 100 years the treatment of women has changed in the UK Women gained RIGHTS to: -VOTE -EQUAL PAY -ACT AGAINST DISCRIMINATION Now ACCEPTED that: - Women should have chance of a career - Men should share household chores Sexism - discrimination on the basis of gender

Christianity and the Equal Rights of Women:

Men and women should have equal roles in life Men and women are equal Christianity and the Equal Rights of Women Evangelical Protestants Liberal Protestants Roman Catholics Man is the head of the household St Paul said wives should submit to their husbands St Paul said there is NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE for you are ONE IN CHRIST JESUS treated women as his EQUALS No women vicars No women priests Women Vicars St Paul said women shouldn’t SPEAK in church The PRIEST represents JESUS in MASS and he was a MAN JESUS only chose male DISCIPLES because of the CULTURE of the time Equal Rights At Home? Equal Rights At Church? Key Slide

Racial Harmony (different races living together happily):

Racial Harmony (different races living together happily) Prejudice : making judgements that other people are inferior before you know them Racism : believing some races are inferior to others Discrimination : treating other people less favourably Because of gender/race etc. Christianity OPPOSES Racism and PROMOTES Community Cohesion Because: JESUS treated everyone equally Parable of GOOD SAMARITAN says races who HATE each other (like JEWS and SAMARITANS) should LOVE each other God CREATED all races in His IMAGE The CHURCH is WORLDWIDE with members from EVERY RACE ST PETER had a vision saying all races were equal Key Slide

What the Government does::

Set up the EQUALITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION (EHRC) which ensures : people’s potential is not limited by prejudice or discrimination , there is protection of each individual’s human rights there is mutual respect between communities We value diversity PASSES LAWS:- RACE RELATIONS ACT (1976) Makes it unlawful to: Discriminate against anyone on the basis of RACE , COLOUR or NATIONALITY in the sphere of JOBS , HOUSING and EDUCATION Use THREATENING or ABUSIVE words or PUBLISH anything which could stir up RACIAL HATRED Community Cohesion now on the National Curriculum which teaches how to: avoid prejudice and discrimination encourage co-operation ensure respect What the Government does:

Multi Ethnic and Multi Faith Society :

Multi Ethnic and Multi Faith Society Religious PLURALISM=accepting all religions have an equal right to co-exist in society Understanding – an insight into other beliefs/ nationalities Tolerance – people see there’s more than one religion/race Culture – life more interesting: more food, fashion etc. Multi-Ethnic and Multi Faith Society Benefits Interfaith marriages –see relevant slide for benefits Helps people live in a world of multi-national companies Many RACES living together in ONE SOCIETY Many RELIGIONS living together in ONE SOCIETY

Possible Negatives of a Multi-Faith Society:

Conflict may arise over religious disagreements (e.g. Headscarf ban in France) Possible Negatives of a Multi-Faith Society Some people say there will be a loss of national identity Religions trying to CONVERT each other might be Seen as a type of DISCRIMINATION (like saying your religion is better than theirs) People might turn Away from CHRISTIANITY Religious people would argue It’s not discrimination to want everyone to know the truth and get to heaven Our religion is deffo the best!

Christianity and Other Faiths:

Key Slide Christianity and Other Faiths All Christians believe in RELIGIOUS FREEDOM (the right to follow the faith of your choice), but differ as to whether they have the TRUTH and whether they should try to CONVERT others Jesus said – I am the WAY. NO-ONE comes to GOD except BY ME ONLY CHRISTIANS will get to HEAVEN, so we have a duty to CONVERT others ONLY CHRISTIANS can be SURE, but others MIGHT Roman Catholics: Christians have the FULL TRUTH, but other religions HAVE bits of the TRUTH ( Inclusivism ) Evangelical Protestants: ONLY Christians have the TRUTH ( Exclusivism ) They’re just different ROADS to GOD People of ALL religions will be in HEAVEN, so we should ACCEPT other RELIGIONS and not CONVERT them Liberal Protestants: ALL religions have TRUTH equally ( Pluralism )

Other issues in Multi-faith societies:

Other issues in Multi-faith societies Inter-faith marriages ( marriage where the husband and wife are from different religions) – the problems: Where do you get married (e.g. church or mosque) You might argue about important beliefs Parents might disapprove of your partner How you raise your children might cause arguments (which religion are they taught, which school or place of worship do they attend)? So we’re raising our kids as Muslims then? Nah!

Positive aspects of inter-faith marriages :

Positive aspects of inter-faith marriages It’s a basic right to be free to marry whoever you love Children of such marriages will have greater tolerance and understanding

Are religions working together to promote community cohesion:

Are religions working together to promote community cohesion Yes: Protestant churches: give guidelines for ‘ celebrating ’ interfaith marriages have agreed to teach about different religions in church schools The Inter Faith Network was set up to promote good interfaith relations Some local churches (e.g. Christ Church Liverpool) work with Asylum Seekers and other faith groups to help them settle in the UK Find job and housing Give them somewhere to meet Help with English skills Today’s Lesson: World Religions

PowerPoint Presentation:

No, they aren’t doing enough: Most religious people aren’t interested in what’s going on with other faiths they look out for their own (e.g. Christians often pray for their own needs and the people in their own church) Let’s pray for all the Christians in OUR church!

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