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Cornell Note Taking System : 

Cornell Note Taking System 1

Paragraph Writing : 

Paragraph Writing Writing Paragraphs Stages Process Topic Writing paragraphs involves the following stages – remember writing is a process that is not linear, writers can move back and forth along the writing stage process. 1) Introduction of a topic 2) Pre-Writing – brainstorming 3) Writing opening sentence – introduce topic Writing is a process that builds a coherent piece of text that effectively and accurately communicates information to readers. 2

Paragraph Writing : 

Paragraph Writing Body Thesis syntax 4) Body sentences that narrow down topic to the essence of the paragraph: 5) The thesis statement. 6) Organisation of sentences (syntax) Pieces necessary to write a good paragraph 3

Paragraph Writing : 

Paragraph Writing Grammar in context Peer editing Revising drafts 7) Grammar 8) Proof-reading – have a peer or another person check your writing 9) Revision Good writing is clear to understand which is why grammar is important. To check for clarity and good grammar it is important for someone to review what you’ve written – make comments and then you can incorporate changed in your revision. 4

Paragraph Writing : 

Paragraph Writing Publish Length of paragraph Website link 10) Publish or submit Each stage will take concentrated thought and input. As you work out each stage you are building your paragraph of 5-10 good sentences. For further assistance visit Paragraph Punch online at: Once you have revised it is time to write the final version for submission or publication. This entire process is also available online. 5

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