Benefits of Online Recruitment/E-Recruitment


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Online recruitment/e-recruitment has transformed recruitment industry. The trends that are visible include quick hiring of talented candidates (who are searching for the job).


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Online recruitment/e-recruitment has transformed recruitment industry. The trends that are visible include quick hiring of talented candidates (who are searching for the job). For many organizations and companies, using the Internet has become a standard part for the process of recruitment. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of online recruitment.


Reduced cost of hiring:  Process of recruitment involves not only cost of hiring candidates but also training and retention costs. Using Internet technologies for recruiting candidates for jobs is inexpensive. Posting jobs on the company’s website will cost you little or none when compared to costs of traditional recruiting search like advertising in newspapers, etc. Thus, online recruitment is cost effective.


Reaching audience on a large scale:  Online recruitment has become more popular as most people who look for jobs search on various websites. It helps them reach the target audience on a large scale. People can easily see job openings in companies, industries and locations where they might not have thought of reaching and can immediately apply for the same just by clicking the mouse.


Advanced filtration tools:  Many job sites are equipped with advanced technologies that help them in finding potential candidates. Thus, by the use of art filtration tool employers can filter out the resumes of the unsuitable candidates easily and effectively. With the help of this tool, companies can come in touch with those candidates who are talented and efficient for the job required.


Opportunity for create brand awareness:  When advertising the jobs, businesses get an opportunity for projecting their image to the prospective candidates. Thus, by attracting many candidates to the company’s website, there is scope for increasing brand awareness. Online recruitment is easy:  Posting a job on own website is quiet easy and straight forward. As many job websites are user friendly, you need not have knowledge in depth. Only you need to have a job description, some time for posting the job and a credit card.


It is efficient:  With online recruitment, there are tools available such as personality assessment, pre-employment testing, screening of the candidates, etc. These tools allow you in selecting the best and suitable candidate who match the job profile, culture and values of the organization. With the help of these services, you are able to meet the needs of the jobs in the organization.


Thus, online recruitment makes the process of hiring candidates easy and effective. Businesses especially small and start-up companies are increasingly using Internet technologies. This is making easy for them to find suitable new hires. It is also beneficial to job seekers.


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