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User generated content and social networking : 

User generated content and social networking Phil Bradley

Home/start pages : 

Home/start pages Netvibes, Pageflakes or iGoogle Create content, hosted by a 3rd party Update when necessary, instantly Incorporate content back onto the website Easy to create and maintain

Pageflakes : 


Netvibes : 


Library Netvibes pages : 

Library Netvibes pages Dublin City Libraries Uni. Sheffield Library The Unquiet Library

Reading matters : 

Reading matters

Tizmos : 

Tizmos Create a page of large thumbnails of resources Use as a start page, subject guide or trail Simple and easy to use

Search engines page example : 

Search engines page example

Weblogs : 


Finding blogs to read : 

Finding blogs to read Google blogsearch at

Icerocket : 

Icerocket Blog, Twitter and Big Buzz search at

Technorati : 

Technorati Technorati at

Collecta : 

Collecta Collecta at

Blogrolls : 


UK Library blogs wiki : 

UK Library blogs wiki UK Lib. Blogs at

Weblogs : 

Weblogs Weblogs Create a library weblog Additional or new library resources Introduce members of staff Use it as a repository of data and information by using categories and tags Don’t regard a weblog as a diary – it’s an important website in its own right…

Weblogs : 

Weblogs Use weblogs as an aid in the library Historical, educational, fictional weblogs Link to existing book collections Create new weblogs Use weblogs for book reviews

Weblogs continued… : 

Weblogs continued… Use the weblog RSS feed on the site home page as a news feed Encourage people to add the feed to their start page or RSS reader Create a different weblog for a different subject area – invite other authors Use it in a different way, on a different page

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier : 

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier

Microblogging : 

Microblogging Twitter Shout’em Yammer Edmodo

Wikis : 

Wikis Self created websites Single/multi authored Public/private Quick and dirty/Very professional Short term task Long term project

PBworks : 


Wetpaint : 


Library Wikis : 

Library Wikis Library Success LIS Wiki Mashed Library wiki

Web pages : 

Web pages Little/no knowledge of HTML Various types of data Bulletin boards Search resources Image/multimedia Easy to update

Zimbio : 


Squidoo : 


CopyTaste : 

CopyTaste Create your own private URL with data Share with friends, colleagues, the world Include photos, video etc Easy way to collate data

Copytaste public pages : 

Copytaste public pages

Disposable web pages : 

Disposable web pages

Cl1p : 

Cl1p at

Newsgroups, forums bulletin boards : 

Newsgroups, forums bulletin boards Google Groups Omgili

Omgili : 


Bookmarking : 

Bookmarking Delicious Diigo SPURL Reddit Digg Sphinn Xmarks

Bookmarking : 

Bookmarking Share and collaborate on bookmarks With Staff, students, parents, other librarians Blend bookmarks into website, specific pages, weblog, wikis Encourage continual additions :

Krunchd : 

Krunchd Quick way to share a lot of URLs Great for teaching, subject guidance, training Generate your own link

A worked example : 

A worked example

Spurl : 


Xmarks : 


Shared content : 

Shared content Google maps Google documents Cl1p for pc – pc copying

Google docs : 

Google docs

Adobe Buzzword : 

Adobe Buzzword : :

Yousendit : 


Presentations : 

Presentations Slideshare Sliderocket Authorstream WizIQ Prezi Animoto Preezo : Mine at

Sliderocket : 


Authorstream : 


Animoto : 

Animoto Animoto at

Vuvox : 

Vuvox Media Creation, made easy, and Incorporate images, videos Create embedded content and hotspots Use photographs as frames for slideshows A nice alternative to Powerpoint

Web 1.0 and 2.0 compared: a worked example : 

Web 1.0 and 2.0 compared: a worked example

Voxopop : 

Voxopop Discuss interests with others Interact quickly and easily Using your own voice Start your own talk groups

My worked example : 

My worked example

Trailmeme : 

Trailmeme Create a ‘trail’ of websites/pages for people to explore Good way to introduce a subject Assisted learning, explored at own pace Easy to create

My Web 2.0 apps example : 

My Web 2.0 apps example

Preezo : 

Preezo Preezo at

WizIQ : 


Photographs : 

Photographs Flickr Photobucket Picasa

Using Flickr : 

Using Flickr Create a free account Post photographs of the library, school trips, library events, local history, staff Create trading cards Create motivational posters Blend back into the website, weblog, wiki

Social Networks : 

Social Networks Facebook MySpace Bebo Ravelry Twitter? Ning LinkedIn Plaxo

Facebook : 


Facebook groups : 

Facebook groups In the library with the lead pipe Librarians kick butt UKeIG Librarians and Facebook

Specific groups : 

Specific groups Swansea Central Library Edinburgh City Libraries Dublin City Public Libraries

MySpace : 


LinkedIn : 


Ravelry : 


LiveJournal : 


Ning : 


LibraryThing : 


Mashups : 

Mashups #uksnow (A good animation here) Mashup for almost anything! :

Multimedia : 

Multimedia YouTube etc. Podcasting Audioboo Narrated slideshows Narrated presentations

Schools Radio : 

Schools Radio

Screentoaster : 


‘One trick ponies’ : 

‘One trick ponies’ Home/start pages Wall wisher Posters Chats Polls/questionnaires Wordle Chatrooms

Plugoo : 


Gabbly Chat : 

Gabbly Chat

Meebo : 


Coveritlive : 


‘Poster/wall based’ : 

‘Poster/wall based’ Add to a ‘wall’ Create a poster Single page, single subject Collate content from various sources

Wallwisher : 


Glogster : 


SurveyMonkey : 


Wordle : 


Tagxedo : 

Tagxedo Next generation Wordle product Simple and easy to use Flexible You can add your own images to create your own wordcloud shapes

Two of my creations : 

Two of my creations

Search engines : 

Search engines Custom search engines Searching social media content People moderated search Searching bookmarked content RSS feeds

Google custom search : 

Google custom search

Google searchstories : 

Google searchstories Create 30 second stories around Google search Choose 7 searches, add music, you’re done Upload to YouTube Simple and easy to use

My UK General Election example : 

My UK General Election example

Social Mention : 

Social Mention

Whostalking? : 


Omgili : 


Web Insuggest : 

Web Insuggest

RSS : 

RSS Really Simple Search Rich Site Summary ‘Read some stories’ Newsfeeds It’s a common way of transferring data from one resource to another one

Slide 125: 

The version a human being sees:

Slide 126: 

The RSS version: Phil Bradley's weblog Internet searching, web design, search engine developments and anything that will interest librarians! en-GB 2007-02-23T10:57:53+00:00 Egypt blogger jailed for 'insult' Egyptian blogger jailed for 'insult'. Abdel Kareem Soliman has been jailed for four years for criticising and insulting Islam and the president. He'd used his weblog to take a swipe at the country's top Islamic institution. The link goes to... <p><a href="" title="BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Egypt blogger jailed for 'insult'">Egyptian blogger jailed for 'insult'</a>. Abdel Kareem Soliman has been jailed for four years for criticising and insulting Islam and the president. He'd used his weblog to take a swipe at the country's top Islamic institution. The link goes to the BBC story.</p> Current Affairs philipbradley 2007-02-23T10:57:53+00:00 Google charges for web programs Google charges for web programs. Well, this is all over the blogs and news at the moment - my link goes to the BBC version of the story. No great surprise here really; Google is going to start selling a... <p><a href="" title="BBC NEWS | Technology | Google charges for web programs">Google charges for web programs</a>. Well, this is all over the blogs and news at the moment - my link goes to the BBC version of the story. No great surprise here really; Google is going to start selling a premium version of their email, calendar, word processing and messaging package. It'll cost £27 or 40€ or $50 which includes more storage, phone help and 99.9% uptime (which is actually downtime of about 9 hours per year if you don't want to work it out yourself) and it'll be advertisement free.</p> <p>Google is of course saying that it's not an attack on Microsoft.</p> Google specific philipbradley

Slide 127: 

Each RSS resource has its own URL and other applications can point to that URL, gather the data and display it in a different format.

Bloglines : 


Google Reader : 

Google Reader

FeedMySearch : 


Kick RSS : 

Kick RSS

So, to summarise... : 

So, to summarise...

Advantages : 

Advantages Lots of it! Constantly updated Vast coverage Currency Flexibility Ability to create answers quickly Take/embed content Update website from 3rd party resource

Disadvantages : 

Disadvantages Currency Accuracy Bias – covert/overt Locating material Copyright issues Transitory Relying on 3rd party resource Longevity

Disadvantages (yes, more!) : 

Disadvantages (yes, more!) Cannot control or badge content Distrust by management ‘Not your job’ Technical staff opposition

How can you use this stuff? : 

How can you use this stuff? Jigsaw content together on a web page Write once, Update many Multi authoring Blend content Multi access points Create one-off answers Engage users

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