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New ways of engaging with users : 

New ways of engaging with users Phil Bradley

What are the trends? : 

What are the trends?

So... : 

So... We need to break the connection between the physical and the virtual We must re-evaluate the ‘possessions’ element of what we do We should view ‘engagement’ in a new light

The website : 

The website

Plugoo : 


Gabbly Chat : 

Gabbly Chat

Meebo : 


Facebook : 

Facebook #1 site in global minutes 6B minutes spent on Facebook each day 2B pieces of content shared each week 2B photographs

Ning : 


YouTube : 

YouTube #2 site in global minutes 1B+ video views each day 20+ hours of video uploaded each minute #2 global search engine

Twitter : 

Twitter 5k tweets per second during peak times Available via web, apps and SMS 5 billion tweets 1171% growth

How can librarians use Twitter? : 

How can librarians use Twitter? Allows you to keep in contact with colleagues, to see what they're doing, what their interests are, read their opinions/thoughts/ideas

Slide 35: 

Keep informed about developments from publishers; both in terms of what they're publishing, but also events they're running

Slide 36: 

You can promote what your library service is doing. Attract new users, offer gifts or incentives, increase awareness and have fun!

Slide 37: 

Provide instant answers and point people in the right direction

Slide 38: 

Follow links to events, keep briefed on current affairs

Slide 39: 

Use Twitter as an RSS reader to keep up to date with blog entries

Slide 40: 

Share photographs quickly and easily, especially if using a smartphone

Slide 41: 

Ask questions using polls, Re-Tweet for maximum results

Slide 42: 

Keep involved with conferences even if you can’t attend them with 3rd party sites

Slide 43: 

Add short (3 minute) audio posts using Audioboo and add in a photograph as well!

Slide 44: 

Broaden your knowledge of a subject by following the right people/organizations

Slide 45: 

Ask questions! Answer questions!

Slide 46: 

Find new people to follow using Twitter search or 3rd party sites like WeFollow

Slide 47: 

Communicate more effectively Discuss events as they happen Send people Direct Messages

Follow authors : 

Follow authors

Follow dead people : 

Follow dead people

Flickr : 


Weblogs : 


Communication - Podcasts : 

Communication - Podcasts Provide access to audio content Guides/tours around a library Content that can’t easily be made available in other formats Content that is accessible on the move Not time or place dependent.

Home/Start pages : 

Home/Start pages :

Animoto : 


Screentoaster : 


PBworks : 

PBworks :

Wallwisher : 


Glogster : 


Wordle : 


Google custom search : 

Google custom search

Social Mention : 

Social Mention

Whostalking? : 


Collecta : 


With thanks: : 

With thanks: (J. W. Waterhouse's The Crystal Ball)

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