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Practical uses for Web 2.0 in your organisation : 

Practical uses for Web 2.0 in your organisation Phil Bradley, Freelance Librarian and Internet Consultant.

Libraries and Web 2.0 : 

Libraries and Web 2.0 It’s not about the tools It’s about the mindset It’s about the activity It’s about freeing up time It’s about taking control

So! : 

So! What is it that libraries and librarians do again?

Communication - weblogs : 

Communication - weblogs

Minimum expectations : 

Minimum expectations

But how about...? : 

But how about...?

Flickr : 


But expand the use! : 

But expand the use! :

Bookmarks/Favo(u)rites : 

Bookmarks/Favo(u)rites Share resources Network with colleagues Take a feed and place it onto an appropriate page Use it as a search engine :

Google RSS reader to share content : 

Google RSS reader to share content

Wallwisher : 


Nik Peachey’s Wallwisher : 

Nik Peachey’s Wallwisher

Glogster : 


Home/Start Pages : 

Home/Start Pages Netvibes Pageflakes Virtual library pages or portals Ease of updating Interactive

Social networking : 

Social networking

Ning : 


Google groups : 

Google groups

Wikis : 

Wikis Self created websites Single/multi authored Public/private Quick and dirty/Very professional Short term task Long term project

PBworks : 


Disposable web pages : 

Disposable web pages

Google docs : 

Google docs

Xmarks : 


Google Custom Search : 

Google Custom Search

Search with RSS : 

Search with RSS

Instant chat : 

Instant chat

Ask a librarian! : 

Ask a librarian!

Twitter : 


Add a Twitter feed to your blog : 

Add a Twitter feed to your blog

Yammer or Shoutem : 

Yammer or Shoutem

Screentoaster : 


Instructional videos : 

Instructional videos :

Embed presentations : 

Embed presentations

WizIQ : 


Mash-ups : 


Podcasting : 


Audacity recording software : 

Audacity recording software

Multimedia : 


VoiceThread : 


‘One trick ponies’ : 

‘One trick ponies’ They do one thing, very well.

LibraryThing : 


Bookseer : 

Bookseer :

And then... : 

And then... Blend it all together Web sites are now of different importance Everything should link to everything else

In summary : 

In summary ITANTTS (It’s the activity, not the tool, stupid!) If a tool only does one thing, drop it Forget loyalty Try it and see what happens; understand what you want to achieve Combine and blend Take control!

Thanks to: : 

Thanks to: (For the ask a librarian cartoon)

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