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By: Philbradley (139 month(s) ago)

17 & 18 CILIP doing good things with podcasting and blogs, but who really knows about them? They're using the website in a 1.0 way. 19. Tales of One City is a great example of merged but disperate content 20. People are still unhappy with CILIP though and understandably (quote is from K. Widdows comment in my weblog) 22. Librarians should fight for their beliefs and control information, not be told what they can do by technical people, and CILIP needs to assist in this. 21. Because the website is not helpful, it's locked down and difficult to use. They need to open up in order to engage.

By: Philbradley (139 month(s) ago)

1. Thanks to CILIP Council for providing librarians with the opportunity to engage in this fashion. Also important that we don't forget all the librarians who are unable to do so because they're not allowed to by management structures, lack of knowledge or blocks on websites. 2&3 Tools are not important - it's the activity that needs to be addressed. 4. The 'rules' are changing, roles are changing, the way in which we use the internet is changing. 5. If Web 2.0 is anything it's a change in the state of mind. 6. Because we can't stop thinking, moving forward or innovating. 7. What is important is the ability to have the conversation. What we talk about is in many ways less important. 8. If you try and control the conversation it'll slip through your fingers. 9. So, what do I want CILIP to do? 10. Be a good example or a horrible warning - it will be a good case study whichever way it goes. 11. CILIP needs to embrace change, not to be frightened of it, or back away. 12. There is no specific route to take, so CILIP needs to explore avenues, try things out and help to be a signpost to others. 13. CILIP staff should be encouraged to use new resources and engage with people 14. CILIP needs to be a pillar of support to librarians who are unable to access materials, by standing up and being a good example. 15 & 16 CILIP is already doing good things with YouTube, but needs to fully embrace it, like the ALA

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CILIP Council Meeting Presentation Phil Bradley 29th April 2009 CILIP HQ

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Librarians all over the place are just getting on with using Web 2. They are talking to each other all the time, exploring possibilities, exchanging ideas and collaborating without the need for a huge central discussion. Why do CILIP need this? Why can't they just get on with it?

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Final thoughts: “Librarians must be like Krishna! And descend into the world to combat ignorance!” S.R. Ranganathan “The librarian must be the librarian militant before he can be the librarian triumphant.” Melvil Dewey

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