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Bringing the library to centre stage with Web 2 : 

Bringing the library to centre stage with Web 2 Phil Bradley SLG National Conference 2009

Your organisation: : 

Your organisation: Does it take a ‘yes, let’s try it’ approach? Does it encourage collaboration and breaking down barriers? Does it foster creativity and exploration? Do the technical staff assist or control? How much are the children/parents involved?

Your website: : 

Your website: Does it encourage interaction? Does it engage the user? Does it encourage discussion? Does it reflect changes to the school or library? Does it provide an easy way to talk to the librarian?

Los Angeles Public Library Teen Web : 

Los Angeles Public Library Teen Web

Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County : 

Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

The Global Gorillas Wiki : 

The Global Gorillas Wiki

Dixie Grammar School : 

Dixie Grammar School

A Jigsaw : 

A Jigsaw A website should be modular in approach Composed of various different elements Click them in, try them in different places Discard, start again Living, changing and dynamic

Different elements : 

Different elements

Did you know? : 

Did you know? 57% of teens who use the internet could be considered Content Creators. Blogs Video Photography Remixing content That was in 2005!

Greater involvement : 

Greater involvement Use Twitter Integrate your tweets into your website Contact and connect with other librarians, parents, school children View Trending information for current affairs Follow historical figures

More Twitter : 

More Twitter Use hashtags to involve a class 140 word book reviews Or to involve parents! Create closed Twitter accounts Use Twitter polls Use Twitpic for images

Wordle : 

Wordle Take some text Webpage Opening page of a book Essay Book titles Characters in a book Author names

Slide 20: 

Go to Cut and paste the text Display the Wordle Save and use in the library, or on the website

Wikis : 

Wikis A wiki allows individuals to collaborate together Creative writing Book clubs Story telling

Yarra Road Primary School wiki : 

Yarra Road Primary School wiki

Facebook : 

Facebook “Facebook is dangerous, so don’t use it” “Facebook is dangerous, so here’s how to use it safely”

Presentations : 

Presentations Create presentations and use them online with Slideshare Authorstream Sliderocket Embed them on your site, weblog, wiki

Home/Start pages : 

Home/Start pages Netvibes, Pageflakes or iGoogle Create content, hosted by a 3rd party Update when necessary, instantly Incorporate content back onto the website Easy to create and maintain

Dixie Grammer School on Netvibes : 

Dixie Grammer School on Netvibes

Using Flickr : 

Using Flickr Create a free account Post photographs of the school, school trips, the library, library events, local history Create trading cards Create motivational posters Blend back into the website, weblog, wiki

Multimedia : 

Multimedia Voice thread A secure network to allow students and teachers to collaborate and share ideas with classrooms anywhere in the world TeacherTube an online community for sharing instructional videos

Weblogs : 

Weblogs Use weblogs as an aid in the library Historical, educational, fictional weblogs Link to existing book collections Create new weblogs Use weblogs for book reviews

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier : 

WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier

Bookmarking : 

Bookmarking Share and collaborate on bookmarks With Staff, students, parents, other librarians Blend bookmarks into website, specific pages, weblog, wikis Encourage continual additions Delicious, Diigo etc.

Podcasting and Video : 

Podcasting and Video

And there’s more... : 

And there’s more... Create your own search engines Embed them as appropriate Quizzes, jigsaws and crossword puzzles Speaking avatars Google street view

Blend it all together! : 

Blend it all together!

There are challenges : 

There are challenges Cyberbullying Is this CYBERbullying or just BULLYING? Copyright issues Privacy issues Images of children Technical issues So create spaces, not just posters Cultivate volunteers

In summary: : 

In summary: Websites must be flexible and under the control of the librarian Blend information Be a cyber nomad Incorporate, play, use, discard Encourage collaboration ‘Let’s try it’ and not ‘Let’s not’

Web 2.0 ... : 

Web 2.0 ... Gives you control

Thank you : 

Thank you

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