Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin:

Charlie Chaplin Robbie Friday P.2 Cpt. Harvey

Who is Charlie Chaplin?:

Who is Charlie Chaplin? Charlie Chaplin was a English comedian who became famous for his silent films. He was born April 16 th , 1889 and died December 25 th 1997.

The Legendary Tramp:

The Legendary Tramp Although Charlie is dead, he still lives on with his short films. The most memorable thing about Charlie is his character the Tramp. The Tramp is a character of Charlie’s that is used in a lot of his films. The tramp portraits an idiot who is always sad that draws pity from the audience. At the same time, Charlie uses comedy to show that you should laugh at misfortune and that when things don’t go to plan, pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

The Rink:

The Rink In The Rink, Charlie plays as a careless waiter but is an amazing roller skater. His skills as a skater made this one of the most memorable comedies he made.

The Kid:

The Kid In the movie The Kid, Charlie finds and abandoned baby and takes him in. After a few years Charlie softens up to him and they make a living together, but after the kid becomes ill social services tries to take him away. In this film Charlie uses his emotions to capture his audiences attention.

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