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“One Day...”

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One Day, Jesus and Satan had a conversation and Jesus ask Satan what was he doing with the people here in the World...

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Satan Responded : They are entertaining me : I am teaching them how to drop bombs and to kill; to use weapons; to hate one another; to abuse children; showing the youth how to use drugs; to drink, to lie and to do everything prohibited...

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I am amusing myself very much!!!!

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Jesus asked: And after, what are you going to do with them?

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After ...I am going to finish them all!!

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Jesus asked: How much do you want for them?

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Satan Replied: Why are you going to love these people? They are treacherous, lying, false, egoistic, and covetous!

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They will never love you really, they are going to blaspheme and spit in your face, they are going to despise you and they will not consider you at all !

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How much do you want for them Satan? I want all your tears and your blood!

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Ok done deal! and...Jesus paid the price of our liberty!

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How do we forget Jesus! We believe everything they show us, but we question everything that comes from him...

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People send jokes through e-mail sending them to each other at a fast speed! But when the e-mail is about GOD, the people think about it twice before sending it to others.

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Everyone says they want to be with GOD one day

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A lot of us say: I believe in GOD, but what do we do for HIM!

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To speak of Jesus is not a matter that the people want to hear... They only come to Jesus when they are in big trouble.

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When you finish reading this message. Will you send it to somebody?

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Who will send this message? Who will you send this to?

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Just the same, don’t be afraid , my child, I will always be with you. Even when you feel alone ...

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Peace be with you ...

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