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A Survey of Shandong and The Cooperation with UK Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation of Shandong Province 27,Jan., 2008

1.1 Geographical Location 地理位置 : 

1.1 Geographical Location 地理位置 Shandong East coast of China, between Beijing & Shanghai Facing Japan and Korea across the sea Yellow River Economic Belt, the Bohai economic zone round Bohai Sea 1. A Survey of Shandong山东概况

1.2 Total Area and Population 面积和人口: 

1.2 Total Area and Population 面积和人口 Total Area: 156,700 sq. km. 17 prefecture-level cities with 140 counties (cities districts and the cities at the county level) Total Population: 93 million


1.3 History and Culture 历史文化 One of the Cradles of Chinese Civilization: Long history and splendid culture “Land of and propriety and righteousness” Hometown of historical celebrities: Confucius, Mencius, Mo Zi, Zhuang Zi, etc 2 World Cultural and Natural Heritages by UNESCO ---- Mt. Tai & Confucius Mansion, Temple and Cemetery


3280 km expressways— Ranking the 1st in China Railway Network: 2 vertical and 3 horizontal railways, with a total mileage of more than 3200 km within the province 24 open seaports: to over 140 countries and regions, with an annual handling capacity of more than 470 million tons 7 airports with more than 300 domestic & international air-routes 4 international airports in Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai The installed power capacity hitting 49 million KW 1.4 Infrastructure 基础设施

1.5 A Province Rich in Resources 资源大省: 

1.5 A Province Rich in Resources 资源大省 Rich natural resources: 150 kinds of minerals, with the reserves of 24 kinds in the first 3 places in China Other top reserves in China: gold, coal, crude oil 3,100 km coastline, 1/6 of China’s total: rich in marine resources Human resources: 109 universities with more than 1.33 million university/college students

1.6 A Province Vigorous in Economy 经济大省 : 

1.6 A Province Vigorous in Economy 经济大省 Annual average GDP increase of over 10% for consecutive 16 years A total GDP of 2.6 trillion yuan (About US$360 billion) in 2007,ranking the 2nd in China Industrial Sectors: energy; building materials; automobile; textiles; chemicals; machinery; electronics; foodstuff; metallurgy; ship-building; household electronic appliances Largest agricultural province: ranking the first in China for the total agricultural output 1.6.1 Total Economy 经济总量


Foreign trade volume in 2007: US$122.62 billion; Exp.: US$75.24 billion; Imp.: US$47.37 billion; Trade relationship with 200 countries / regions 1.6.2 Foreign Trade 对外贸易 Six Major Trade Partners (2007): South Korea, Japan, U.S.A, EU, ASEAN, Hong Kong

1.6.3 Foreign Investment 利用外资: 

1.6.3 Foreign Investment 利用外资 More than 20,000 foreign-invested ventures operating smoothly in Shandong More than 130 countries/regions invested in Shandong by 2006 126 out of the world’s largest 500 companies invested in Shandong Branches of 9 foreign banks and 7 foreign insurance companies in Shandong FDI to Shandong in 2006: US$10 billion, increasing by 11.5% year-on-year

Foreign Investment 利用外资: 

Foreign Investment 利用外资 ◆energy ◆transportation ◆port ◆communication ◆auto & parts ◆agriculture ◆medicine ◆chemicals ◆building ◆textiles ◆light industry ◆metallurgy Major investment sectors: Six Mojor Investment Partners (2006) Korea, H.K., USA, Japan, Taiwan and Virgin Islands (UK)

1.6.4 Overseas Investment境外投资: 

1.6.4 Overseas Investment境外投资 By the end of 2006, Shandong enterprises have established 1278 ventures in foreign countries, with a total investment of US$1.5 billion from Shandong side Successful example: Haier in South Carolina and NY of USA, manufacturing household appliances


2. UK-Shandong Cooperation山东与英国的合作 2.1 Trade Cooperation 贸易合作 2nd largest trade partner in EU Trade volume in 2006: US$1.69 billion, increasing by 33.8%; Trade volume Jan.-Aug. of this year: US$1.42 billion, up 38.7% Major Imports: Paper, electromechanical products, rubber products and plastic products; Major Exports: Textile products and garments, aquatic products, meat products, electromechanical products and plastic products.


By the end last year: 186 UK FDI projects operating successfully in Shandong: Total investment of US$426 million Major fields for UK investment: paper-making, chemical, foodstuff, electronics, textile and garment and building materials 2.2 Investment Cooperation 投资合作 Investment from UK to Shandong 吸引外资

Investment from Shandong to UK境外投资: 

Investment from Shandong to UK境外投资 10 project from Shandong to UK, investment of US$3.5 million Our investment in UK is just at a starting stage We encourage more Shandong enterprises to invest in UK


3. Good Opportunity for UK-Shandong Cooperation 山东与英国合作面临着良好的机遇 To the year of 2010: GDP of Shandong: 3 trillion yuan (US$375 billion), with an annual increase of about 10% Per capita GDP: over US$3900 Railway of 2000 km to be constructed or upgraded The mileage of expressways to reach 5000 km Handling capacity of major seaports along the coast to reach over 600 million tons, and container handling capacity to reach 14 million TEU Domestic and international air routes to reach more than 400 3.1 Implementation of the 11th Five-Year Program from Last Year “十一五”规划

Implementation of the 11th Five-Year Program from Last Year “十一五”规划: 

Implementation of the 11th Five-Year Program from Last Year “十一五”规划 ◆ An accumulated actual utilization of FDI during the five years: US$40 billion ◆ Annual foreign trade volume to the year of 2010: US$150 billion ◆ 500 hundred overseas projects to be set up by Shandong enterprises, with a total investment of US$300 million

Implementation of the 11th Five-Year Program from Last Year “十一五”规划: 

Implementation of the 11th Five-Year Program from Last Year “十一五”规划 Major Sectors for Foreign Cooperation: New- and High-Tech Industry; Energy-Conserving and Pollutant Reduction Industry; Environmental Protection Industry; Auto and Auto Parts Industry; Machinery and Large Equipment Industry; Chemical and Petrochemical Industry; Foodstuff Industry


3.2 Service Sector Open Wider After the Transition Period of WTO WTO过度期后进一步开放服务业领域 Banking, Insurance, foreign trade, retail, transportation and logistics, construction, legal service, accounting, consulting service, advertisement, education, medical service, tourism, etc.


Generating broad space for cooperation In such fields as public facility construction and Environmental protection, and so on. 3.3 Qingdao-Partner of Beijing for Hosting the Sailing Events of 2008 Olympic Games 青岛将承办2008年奥运会水上运动项目


4. Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation 加强双边合作措施 ● Establishing strategic cooperation relationship ● Exchange of information on two-way investment and trade ● Facilitating visiting business delegation mutually ● Paticipating in the investment-promotion seminars and forums

Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation of Shandong Province: 

Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation of Shandong Province Add: 6,Liyang road, Jinan 250002, Shandong, China Tel.: 86-531-89013561 Fax: 86-531-89613613 Website: We Warmly Welcome Friends from UK to Shandong for Business Cooperation Thank you!

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