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After graduating with his masters in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State, Peter Virden pursued another degree outside of his field of study.


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Peter Virden Environmental Engineer:

Peter Virden Environmental Engineer Throughout the entirety of his long and fruitful career, Peter Virden has held an eclectic number of engineering based positions. Though all of his positions have influenced his ideologies and mannerisms, Peter notes that nothing quite impacts you as much as the first job you obtain in your career field. Peter began working for the Department of Environmental Quality in Jackson Mississippi in the year of 1988. At the Department of Environmental Quality in Jackson Mississippi, Peter Virden devoted himself entirely to his work. With his pending college degree and ambitious nature, Peter took his role at the Department of Environmental Quality very seriously.

Peter Virden Education Is Important:

Peter Virden Education Is Important Peter Virden would be the first to tell you that with any successful career, whether in engineering or another field, the key is a proper education. A proper education should help to instill you with not just the information you need, but the ethics and morals to help you prosper and grow personally and professionally. Since the importance of an education can never be overstated, Peter's father encouraged his son to pursue his own higher education when he finished high school. Fortunately for Peter's father, Peter himself had an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

Peter Virden A Start at URS Consultants:

Peter Virden A Start at URS Consultants Peter Virden understands that sometimes you have to do what is necessary before you can do what you would like. He is not a man to stray far away from home without necessity, however, he also knows that sometimes immediate conditions aren't ideal and you have to take opportunities as they come to you. That is why during the early portion of Peter's career, he accepted the position as Environmental Engineer at the company URS Consultants in New Orleans Louisiana. URS Consultants offered invaluable experience and understanding of his career field. Peter would spend this time working constantly, while juggling his home life .

Peter Virden Senior Environmental Management:

Peter Virden Senior Environmental Management Peter Virden has held a number of demanding and difficult positions throughout his career, ones that required an in-depth understanding of the relevant field. None of those previous positions however, have been quite as rigorous as his most current one. Just this year, Peter was appointed to Senior Environmental Manager of FC&E Engineering in Jackson Mississippi. As Senior Environmental Manager of FC & E Engineering, it is Peter Virden is responsible for assuring that all of the professionals he supervises are working in an effective and efficient manner to finish the task at hand. Peter helps perform projects for a wide variety of industrial, municipal, state and commercial facilities. Peter's contributions to FC & E Engineering allow for continued growth in all aspects of the company.


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