Tremors In Dogs Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

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Tremors in Dogs - Symptoms Causes and Treatment Every dog parent wishes for a healthy life for his/her Fido because for almost every dog parent their dog is their lifeline. You are also one of those proud dog parents who are extremely caring loving and want a disease free life for your pooch. So to secure your pooch from serious health issues you need to know about some of them and Tremors in dogs is one of those serious health issues. Tremors are sudden jerks of muscles which happen when they contract or relax and dogs can’t even control them because they occur anytime. Intensity of tremors can vary depending on the vibrations of the muscles. Dogs may shake for multiple reasons like cold excitement some health issues or some unknown reasons.

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Let’s go through causes symptoms and possible treatments of tremors in dogs Causes of Tremors in Dogs There can be many reasons of tremors in dogs just have a look at them • Predisposed to tremors. Some breeds are predisposed to tremors and are often called as shaking dogs. Some of the examples of shaking dogs are - Samoyeds English Bulldogs Dalmatians Doberman Pinschers Weimaraners Chow Chows Labrador Retrievers and Springer Spaniels • Exposure to certain drugs • Trauma or injury • Kidney failure • Heart disease • Pain or weakness • Immune disease • Hypoglycemia • Distemper • Exposure to toxins or poisoning • Inflammation • Lesions of the spinal cord • Nervous system disease • Nausea due to several medical conditions • Old age • Full anal sacs • Seizure disorders • Addison’s disease Symptoms of Tremors in Dogs Tremors mostly occur when your pooch might be resting but there are chances that tremors can become worse when the dog is excited. The intensity of the tremors may vary and can affect one or more part of your pooch’s body. Localized tremors majorly it can be observed in head or hind limbs of your dog.

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It’s easy to differentiate between tremors and seizures because tremors are more regular. Treatment of Tremors in Dogs Treatment of tremors is generally done by eradicating the causes which are triggering tremors. For example if a particular flea and tick treatment is causing tremors then your vet will change the treatment to treatments like Frontline plus or other safe treatments. Vet may also suggest some pain killer muscle relaxant or calmative to relieve pain and relax the muscles. However the treatments of some tremors are still not known. In cases where dogs are predisposed to tremors and treatment is not possible nothing can be done but if your dog is healthy then make sure that you take precautions and avoid such treatments which can cause tremors.

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