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TERMITE CONTROL Roanoke va and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia You’ll see online Do-It-Yourself (DIY) treatment plans for termite control, but a professional exterminator has the knowledge, skills and equipment needed to tackle these pests.


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GENERALLY TERMITE CONTROL WILL INVOLVE: pesticide tanks soil treatment rods masonry drills and pumps. large quantities of termiticide a liquid pesticide injected along the house foundation under concrete and into walls. Termiticides have undergone extensive testing by the EPA to ensure people pets and the environment will not be harmed during or after application around a home. Termiticides create a long-term barrier to keep termites from entering. Termites in the house don’t survive since they can’t return to their underground soil bunker. baits – paper or cardboard containing a chemical to kill termites — may be used in addition to termiticide. https://killingerpestsolutions.com/

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Green pest control services available Signs of Termites Although infestations may occur quietly termites are likely active if you see any of these signs: A swarm of termites near the house. Between March and May when temperatures warm and rain increases you may see winged termites or discarded wings around the house foundation porch or patio. Mud tubes on foundation walls or floor joists.Mud tubes with pencil-size diameters are the tunnels termites use to travel between your house and their underground bunker. Termite droppings frass. A mound of wood-colored material that looks like sawdust or coffee grounds indicates termites are nearby. Soft or blistered indoor wood. As the termites gnaw through wood they’ll leave a honeycomb behind. This thinning process creates soft spots blisters and hollow sounding wood particularly in flooring stairs or on baseboards. Cracked paint on indoor wood. Termites need only a credit card gap to enter wooden surfaces. Cracked or bubbled paint can be an indicator they’re in your house.

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