Handmade Cushions


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Visit this site http://mintha.bigcartel.com/ for more information on Handmade Cushions. Handmade Cushions use the colors and shapes of nature as inspiration and create a lovely atmosphere in your home. Handmade Cushions provides you with the opportunity to add a vibrant accent to your room, experiment with color and shape and indulge in difference and variety.


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Handmade Cushions:

Fill Our Day With Special Moments See More! Handmade Cushions

Personalised Cushions:

Personalised Cushions Offering personalised cushions with your name o in a different color, add them that flash, flicker, spark or fleeting that provides food for the soul and reminds us that we are alive. Our Mintha personalised cushions will be that burst of color that brightens your day.

Toddler Pillow:

Toddler Pillow As toddler pillow our Mintha Cushions are perfect to carry everywhere. The pieces are in two sizes, so kids can choose the best for them. Burst of color will brighten your day and make the memories of babies special. At Mintha we try to create joy and color everyday.

Handmade Cushions:

Handmade Cushions Handmade Cushions provide the perfect interior design and comfort solution for your home. A handmade cushion will stand the test of time and is sure to be an original, unique and highly distinctive feature in your lounge or bedroom. There are a huge variety of designs, fabrics, colours and textures to choose from so it is easy to be inspired when searching for the perfect handmade cushion.


mintha.bigcartel.com For inquiries please visit : Handmade Cushions

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