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Personalised Cushions are expected to be valuable as they show a sense of personal touch. What makes them even more special is the effort to make them unique and attractive. Browse this site http://mintha.bigcartel.com/personalised-cushions for more information on Personalised Cushions. These are lightweight but attractive items that are perfect to decorate and match your home decor.


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HANDMADE CUSHIONS Mery , me, is the one behind Mintha . I life in Spain, Madrid, and I love to enjoy life and create lovely things with my hands. I have been all my life playing and creating . Sometimes we are so preoccupied, we forget to savor life's little joys. There are small moments when something wonderful happens, instants when our minds naturally decide to disconnect... to reboot. There are seconds when the fluttering of a butterfly becomes an important part of your journey.Those instants are nothing more than a flash, a flicker, a spark, fleetingly providing food for the soul and reminding us that we are human.


PERSONALISED CUSHIONS Choose your favorate colors to fill our day-to-day. Bright your day, make your memories special with those special moments in your life . Add bursts of color and savor life's little joys . See some of the colors of the canvas we use to create our Mintha Handmade Cushions . Trying to create something singular made by hand which changes everything . Add a splash of color to life with Mintha's handmade cushions.


With Mintha I would love to create something singular made by hand which changes everything. We take extra special care of every last detail when handcrafting your accessories, trying to include joy and color to your day-to-day momento . Handmade Cushions provide the perfect interior design and comfort solution for your home. A handmade cushion will stand the test of time and is sure to be an original, unique and highly distinctive feature in your lounge or bedroom. HANDMADE CUSHIONS


TODDLER PILLOW Mintha products are 100% handmade in Spain with love and care. Mintha Cushions will infuse your most memorable moments with color . We need to try to fill our day-to-day with those special moments, with bursts of color . With Mintha we want to be that burst of color that brightens your day, that makes your memories special. To enjoy life, we need to know how to appreciate the little things.

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There are a huge variety of designs, fabrics, colours and textures to choose from so it is easy to be inspired when searching for the perfect handmade cushion. A beautiful set of handmade cushions will compliment your interior design approach and create an inviting sense of warmth and comfort in your home . Many different textures are available and you should definitely consider the feel of a cushion prior to purchase. A cushion is a practical item as well as a beautiful decorative element - your cushion should feel soft and comfortable. PERSONALISED CUSHIONS


TODDLER PILLOW Pillows are personal comfort objects, everyone has a unique posture that they relax rest or sleep with from time to time. It is not possible to manufacture one that caters to all these unique needs perfectly. People have discovered that even custom-made pillows are made with a certain model in mind, which is why handmade pillows are greatly gaining popularity today. For more information please visit our site: www.mintha.bigcartel.com

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