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ITU Regional Radio-Communication Seminar Bali, Indonesia 16-20 May 2005 Review of Regional activities by E. Behdad


Agenda Activities related to Broadcasting issues Frequency Planning for: Bhutan Indonesia Afghanistan Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting DSB DTTB Activities related to Spectrum Management andamp; Radio Monitoring Establishment of National Spectrum Management Myanmar Afghanistan East Timor Training courses on Radio Monitoring Development of a new software for Developing countries (SMS4DC)


Bhutan Broadcasting Project Master Frequency Plan for FM andamp; TV Broadcasting A thorough sight surveying through the whole country Developing frequency plans for TV and FM. Identifying the location of TV andamp; FM stations; and Proposing appropriate distribution links between the studio(s) and TX Current situation: A 1 KW TV transmitter covers Thimphu A 50 KW - SW transmitter covers Radio programmes all over the country One 20 W FM TX andamp; three 1KW Repeaters cover western parts of the country Distribution of TV programmes: Mainly through cable networks with some days daly and existing TXs. Obstacle for Nationwide coverage: lack of distribution links between the studios and transmitter stations identified in master frequency plan due to country’s mountainous situation. Solution, Implementation of ITU Satellite Up-Link andamp; TVRO project Establishing a Satellite Up-link Station in Thimphu, Establishing TVRO stations in Rural Areas that are electrified. Current situation of Up-link project, ITU is looking for a partner to sponsor 50% of project costs.


Phase II Review the developed plan by National experts for the rest of the country and modify it wherever is needed. Study compatibility of all Frequency Licenses issued in Indonesia for TV andamp; FM with newly developed master Frequency Plan, Enhance the trained staff abilities with further training on the shortcoming issues that have been identified in their developed plan. ITU activities in Indonesia VHF/ UHF andamp; FM Master Frequency Plans for Republic of Indonesia Phase I Train designated National Experts on Planning principals Study current situation of FM andamp; TV (VHF andamp; UHF) Broadcasting networks in the large cities and their consistencies with the technical standards Examine Frequency Licenses issued for TV andamp; FM Broadcasting in Jakarta and the Other large cities from technical point of view for their compliances with the relevant technical standard Develop VHF/UHF andamp; FM Plans for Java andamp; Bali Islands


ITU activities in Afghanistan (Broadcasting) ITU Emergency support to the MoC (Project No. 7AFG/02/001) Master Frequency plan for Sound and Television Broadcasting MF Sound Broadcasting Service Train the designated national experts on principal of Frequency planning Introduce ITU GE-75 plan to the national experts review, adjust andamp; determine the coverage area of GE-75 assignments VHF - FM Sound Broadcasting Service Introduce ITU-GE84 Plan review, adjust andamp; modify GE84 VHF-FM assignments of Afghanistan develop a New FM-BC frequency assignments Development of a new comprehensive television broadcasting plan


ITU activities on DTB ITU/ABU collaborative Project on DSB Project objectives To determine whether the broadcasting environment within the selected countries is conducive to implementation of digital radio services. Implementation Strategy carrying out country specific techno-economic analyses by circulating a pro-forma-style Questionnaire assessment of the individual responses face-to-face meetings Recommendations Beneficiary Broadcasters (Countries) RTB Brunei, RTPRC China, AIR India, VOV Viet Nam, IRIB Iran, PBC Pakistan, SLBC Sri Lanka, NTB Thailand and TRT Turkey.


ITU activities on DTB ITU – ABU COLLABORATIVE PROJECT on DVB Project objectives: to assist ASP Television Broadcasters to make the digital shift Implementation Strategy carrying out country specific techno-economic analyses by circulating a pro-forma-style Questionnaire assessment of the individual responses face-to-face meetings Recommendations Beneficiary Broadcasters (Countries) RTB Brunei, RTPRC China, DDI India, VTV Viet Nam, IRIB Iran, PTV Pakistan, RTM Malaysia, MRTV Mongolia, TVRI Indonesia, NTB Thailand and TRT Turkey.


ITU activities on DTB ITU/AIBD Workshop on DTTB (Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting) Workshops Objectives, To enhance the TV engineers competence on principal of DTTB, Frequency andamp; Network Planning: including Refreshing the participants on conventional Television Broadcasting by reviewing the history of Television, current colour television and frequency planning in analogue environment, Why digital Broadcasting, DTTB requirements, Digitalisation of Audio andamp; video signals, source coding, multiplexing, scrambling andamp; conditional access, forward error correction and digital modulation; Digital Network planning; including: an overview on frequency planning and spectrum management system, ITU-R relevant recommendations, interference and coordination procedures and Analogue Network for Digital Broadcasting case studies. Workshops organized so far: Thailand 2001, Brunei 2002, I.R.of Iran 2003, Vietnam 2004. The venue for this year is Jakarta Indonesia. Beneficiary countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Laos, Maldives, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines , Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam,


ITU activities in Afghanistan Cont. ITU/IRN/AFG Project for Rehabilitation of the Information and Communication Training Institute (ICTI) in Kabul, (Project No. 9AFG/02/002) Existing ITCI building fully rehabilitated New building designed, constructed, furnished and equipped with all utility (water, electricity, air-conditioning), to provide adequate space for classrooms, laboratories conference hall, administration and management, mosque, health unit. coffee shop and restaurant as well as a dormitory with capacity of 120 persons Short training courses on ICT related matters for young Afghan students On duty training courses for MoC staff to update them on their ongoing activities; Academic courses in two years for training the students in technician levels Academic courses in 4 years for training the students in Telecommunications engineering levels. Ad-hoc assistance under ITU-BDT special programme for Least Developed Countries.


ITU activities in Afghanistan (SMS) ITU Emergency support to the MoC (Project No. 7AFG/02/001) Spectrum Management and Radio Monitoring Development of a new Radio-communication Law Development of Afghanistan Radio Frequency Spectrum Allocation Table Development of Afghanistan National Spectrum Management System Development of a Frequency Fee calculation Formula Development of a comprehensive Radio-communication Handbook Training courses on SMS and Radio Monitoring Preparation of Technical specifications for Fixed and Mobile Monitoring Stations and supervising the bidding process Development of Fixed wired andamp; Wireless Network Access Plan for Kabul and five other major cities in Afghanistan, Access Network Engineering; Technical Specifications for Fiber Optic Cable Networks; Wireless Local Loop (WLL) network. Preparation of Tender Document for Construction of Copper Cable Local Telephone Network for Kabul city and the other 5 major cities Development of MoC Financial Management System andamp; Creation a link between MoC andamp; MoF to connect to the MoF server.


ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


MAIN MENU منوی اصلی ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


Applicant Form (front page) (ٍEnglish) ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


Data entry Form (English) ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


Licensing Form (English) ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


Assigned frequencies in different services in each band ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


Monthly fee = B.A.T.S.L.U Bandwidth (MHz) Covered area (km2,km3) Using Duration (1-59) Nature of service Location coefficient User classification




Training courses on Radio Spectrum Monitoring ITU activities in Afghanistan (Cont.)


ITU Activities in Myanmar SMS, Radio Monitoring andamp; MCT National Spectrum Management System Data collection (analyzing current situation of frequency utilization Considering the present and future spectrum requirements Development of National frequency allocation Table Development of national Radio-communication handbook Installation of Windows Basic Automated Spectrum Management System (WinBASMS) and training the national experts Radio Monitoring Train the national experts on Radio Monitoring andamp; Measurement techniques to: provide back-up information for spectrum manager Verify wanted andamp; unwanted signals andamp; detect the unauthorized transmissions andamp; identify the source of interference Measure the spectrum band occupancy Calibration of existing Monitoring equipment Recommendation for establishment of an efficient Fixed monitoring station


Multipurpose Community Tele-center in Myanmar MCT as a means for provision of access to information andamp; communication Technologies in remote and Rural areas. Project started in November 2002 and was completed in March 2004. Location: Phaunggyi area with a very limited access to any kind of communications facilities, Population: 20,000 The MCT Centre equipped with: Two servers, ten computers, and auxiliaries, A copier machine, A digital camera, An over-head projector, A network laser printer, A colour printer, VCR andamp; TV sets A VAST Terminal as transmission link (an iPSTAR Satellite System), Power, water supply, Air conditioning system for server, Class rooms and furniture, Emergency power generator


Multipurpose Community Tele-center in Myanmar Beneficiaries: The Civil Service Society Institute, Central Cooperative College, 10 primary Schools andamp; 2 High Schools, Teacher Training College, Township Development Office, 2 Station Hospitals and Hlegu Education College. Services: Telephony, Distance education andamp; distance learning, Computer Training, Health and Telemedicine, Cultural Information, Community hall facilities Business information, Office facilities, Professionnel training High-speed internet access (incoming 256 Kbs, outgoing 128 kbs) and e-mail services are also available


ITU activities in East Timor SMS Phase I (implemented) Analyzing the current status of Frequency Management system. Training on Spectrum management Techniques Installation of WinBASMS andamp; Training on Data Entry into WinBASMS Provision of an Application form andamp; user manual for the new applicant Data Collection Form andamp; Data Entry into the WinBASMS Peace Keeping Force (PKF) data andamp; transferring the data from PKF to the WinBASMS, Transferring the SMS responsibility from PKF to the Ministry of Transport, communications andamp; Public Works. Phase II ( underway) Development of National Frequency Allocation Table, Development of Radio-communication Handbook (Law) Installation of ITU-new developed software (SMS4DC) andamp; Training


Training on Radio Monitoring and SMS for ASP 23 – 31 May 2005 (Beijing, China) Training Programme: Fundamentals of Radio Spectrum Management, Basic Technical Parameters andamp; Propagation EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis) Database and GIS (Geographic Information System Transceiver Architectures, including: Modulations andamp; demodulation techniques, matching units andamp; transformation lines, Antennas, etc…. Fundamental of Radio Spectrum Monitoring General principle of DF, engineering features andamp; DF Antennas Unwanted signals and enforcement of Radio-communications Law Equipment Calibration and measurement techniques Practically measurement of: Frequency, Field-strength, Power flux-density, Spectrum occupancy, Bandwidth andamp; Modulation. Specific measurements by mobile monitoring station Data analysis and Reports Beneficiary countries: Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Maldives, Solomon Island and Vietnam


An overview on ITU - SMS4DC (underdevelopment)

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