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Eric Stonebraker The GLOBE Program 2005 GLOBE Annual Conference Prague, Czech Republic GLOBE Regional Working Groups Asia and the Pacific

Outline : 

Outline Update on GLOBE in Asia and the Pacific Administrative Web Features Regionalization in ASIA and the Pacific Future Goals


GLOBE has trained over 27,000 teachers representing more than 15,000 schools worldwide. Students have entered over 11 Million Measurements to date.



GLOBE in Asia and the Pacific

Asian and Pacific GLOBE Partner Countries and Number of Participating Schools: 

Asian and Pacific GLOBE Partner Countries and Number of Participating Schools Australia Bangladesh Cook Islands Micronesia Fiji India Japan South Korea Maldives*** Marshall Islands Mongolia Nepal New Zealand Mongolia Pakistan*** Palau Philippines*** Sri Lanka Thailand

Asian and Pacific GLOBE Partner Countries: A Summary: 

Asian and Pacific GLOBE Partner Countries: A Summary Include a diversity of levels of development Geographically challenged Potential for growth Possible alignment with ASEAN 2006 Annual Conference: A stepping stone


Japan hosts GLOBE 3rd Annual Student Conference Thailand hosts TTT and Marine Hydrology Symposium Dr. Blurton visits Asia Thailand: Tsunami Project initiated India hosts TTT Dr. Blurton visits Asia (ASEAN, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam) GLOBE Thailand visits U.S. ASEAN visit to GLOBE Postponed GLOBE Urban Phenology Year (GUPY) trainings held. Spring 2005 – Student/Teacher Exchange Thailand/New Zealand *** 8 Master Trainers, 7 Master Trainer Candidates Started the Process, 4 New Master Trainers Teacher Training Workshops in Sri Lanka, and ??? OTHERS …. Recent Events in Asia and Pacific***

Asian and Pacific Countries in Negotiation with GLOBE: 

Asian and Pacific Countries in Negotiation with GLOBE Brunei Cambodia Hong Kong / Macau Indonesia Laos Malaysia Singapore Vietnam

Upcoming Events : 

Upcoming Events Pakistan Maldives Philippines New Zealand



Partnership Profile School Information Support Materials Workshop Administration Communication Tools Answers to Your Questions (U.S. Partner Support Plan) Partner Administration Manual (Tools for Partnership Maintenance) Toolkits and more! Contact the GLOBE Help Desk for additional assistance! REMEMBER TO HIGHLIGHT YOUR ACTIVITIES: GLOBE STARS!!

Handouts and Other Points of Discussion: 

Handouts and Other Points of Discussion Call for Hosting 2007 GLE Draft Consortia Constitution Examples Other handouts


What are the benefits of Regionalization? What is the status of your Regionalization efforts? Do you have a Regional Constitution? Do you have a Regional organization structure and/or established mechanisms for communication? Would it be beneficial to have your own Regional Web site? Supporting local projects, posting information, student investigations, translations, activities, etc. What are your challenges to promoting Regional Activities? How can we further develop Regional GLOBE Learning Communities? Regional scientists, regional science themes, businesses, etc. What Regional Funding Opportunities are available? How can the GLOBE Program Office promote your efforts? International Regionalization Discussion Points

Next Steps : 

Next Steps Developing Plans for 4:00- 5:30 this afternoon Q andamp; A Specifics on Regional Consortium Etc

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