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ADB South Asia Energy Sector: 

ADB South Asia Energy Sector South Asia Regional Department Energy Division 13 June 2006

ADB’s Energy Sector Priorities(Energy 2000 Policy Paper): 

ADB’s Energy Sector Priorities (Energy 2000 Policy Paper) Economic Efficiency Poverty Reduction andamp; Improved Access Environmental Protection Sector Restructuring, Good Governance Financial Sustainability Private Sector Participation Regional and Subregional Cooperation

ADB Energy Programs: 

ADB Energy Programs Sector Reforms Financial Restructuring andamp; sustainability Efficiency improvement Transparency andamp; Governance Capacity Development Unbundling andamp; Corporatization Regulation

ADB Energy Programs: 

ADB Energy Programs Clean Energy; Transmission andamp; Distribution; Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Rural Electrification, Greenhouse Gas Abatement

ADB Energy Loans by Objective (1995-99) (2003-07): 

ADB Energy Loans by Objective (1995-99) (2003-07) Power Sector Restructuring 17.3% 36.9% Power Generation 18.4% 4.4% Power Transmission 27.6% 10.2% Distribution Strengthening 6.0% 4.3% Rural Electrification 7.6% 14.4% Environmental Protection 5.5% 19.5% Renewable Energy 2.0% 6.5% Oil andamp; Gas Efficiency, Environmental Improvements 3.7% 3.2% Natural Gas Development 10.3% 0.5%

ADB South Asia Program TA & Loans: 

ADB South Asia Program TA andamp; Loans Bhutan, Maldives andamp; Nepal: Renewable Energy, Solar, Small Hydropower, rural electrification Pakistan: Renewable Energy (Small Hydropower, wind, solar), Industrial Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production*, transmission improvements, TAP ?? Bangladesh: Natural Gas andamp; Power Sector Development Sri Lanka: Rural Electrification

SAEN Program (million $): 

SAEN Program (million $) *PAK Proposed Renewable Energy Development Project ($500 million) is currently being processed by SAEN.

2006 Loans ($million): 

2006 Loans ($million) India: Uttaranchal Power Sector Investment Program ($300) Bangladesh: Sustainable Power Sector Development Program ($250 – OCR, $65 – SF, $100 – ? Others) Nepal: Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy ($60)

2006 TAs ($000): 

2006 TAs ($000) Maldives: Islands Electrification ($500 – SF) Bhutan: Accelerated Rural Electrification ($400 – SF, $300 - FIN) Sri Lanka: Power Sector Debt Restructuring ($600 – SF)

2007 Loans ($ Million): 

2007 Loans ($ Million) Maldives: Islands Electrification (Phase II) - $6.0 (SF) Sri Lanka: Power Sector Development - $100.0 (OCR); $10. (SF) India: Madhya Pradesh Power Dev II - $300.0 (OCR) India: Hydropower Development Project - $400.0 (OCR) India: Power Grid Transmission Project II - $400.0 (OCR)

2007 TAs ($000): 

2007 TAs ($000) Bhutan: Renewable Energy/Rural Electrification - $500 (TASF) Bangladesh: Gas Sector Development II - $600 (JSF) Sri Lanka: Power Sector Generation - $700 (TASF) India: Energy Efficiency Improvement - $500 (TASF) India: Hydrogen Fuel Efficiency $500 (TASF) Nepal: Capacity Building in Renewable Energy Institutions $400 (TASF) Regional TA: Subregional Energy Trade Among SASEC Countries $800 (JSF)

ADB India Program - Loans: 

ADB India Program - Loans Transmission andamp; Distribution strengthening, State Level Power sector reforms (Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat) Integrated Generation andamp; Transmission, including Small Hydropower (Uttaranchal, North East Region) Interstate Transmission (Powergrid) Financial Intermediation (Power Finance Corporation) Hydropower Development (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation, North Region)

ADB India Program - TA: 

ADB India Program - TA Compressed Natural Gas Bio-fuels Renewable Energy /Energy Efficiency Clean Development Mechanism andamp; other emissions trading?

ADB India Program - Other: 

ADB India Program - Other Energy Supply Company Fund (PSOD) Compressed Natural Gas (PSOD?) Liquified Natural Gas Storage (PSOD) Gas pipeline TAP(I) – mixed OCR and PSOD funding Pakistan-India Gas pipeline Myanmar-Bangladesh-India

Innovative Projects: 

Innovative Projects Coal Mine Methane/Coal-bed Methane Small andamp; micro hydropower Wind, Solar, hybrid or pump storage Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Non-CDM emissions trading market? Geothermal Energy Bio-fuels, Energy from Waste



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