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Social Structure: 

Social Structure Capitalism: the means of production (land, money, equipment) are privately owned Corporate capitalism: the economy is dominated by large, powerful corporations


many workers are employed by corporations no such thing as “a job for life”

Social Inequality: 

Social Inequality


Poverty 13% of families in USA below the “poverty line” (1999) many are African-American, Hispanic, or Native American

Social Classes: 

Social Classes Upper class: inherited wealth, or successful business owners or managers Middle class: “white collar” workers (educated professionals) Lower class (working class): “blue collar” workers (manual labour)

Middle Class: 

Middle Class more that 50% of Americans mainstream America largest consumer group largest voting group

Class in Britain: 

Class in Britain a long history of class aristocratic families a strong awareness of class

Class in USA: 

Class in USA most immigrants were poor belief that anyone can be successful belief that class “doesn’t exist” but it does!

Class in Australia: 

Class in Australia similar to USA “the Aussie battler” (respect for the working class)


Family basic social unit: nuclear family (parents and children) can easily move (to find work)

Moving Out: 

Moving Out many people want to leave home as soon as they can afford to in America it is common for students to study at a college in a different city


Households nuclear family extended family young couple older couple (children grown up) single shared

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