Visual Methodologies in Nursing Research

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Visual Methodology in Nursing Research : 

Visual Methodology in Nursing Research Adding Depth to Research Michelle Pendergrass MSN, APRN-BC

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Types of Visual Methodologies include: Art: for example examining drawings to understand living with illness-Guillemin, 2004) Combined methods such as using photography and digital software for tracking wound healing (Riley & Manias, 2004) Photography

Visual Methods in Research : 

Visual Methods in Research Collection of data Researcher Participant Historical

Researcher Photography : 

Researcher Photography

Historical Photography : 

Historical Photography

Participant Photography : 

Participant Photography

Photo Voice : 

Photo Voice

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Home » 2008 » 03 » 04 »  E-mail  Print A language in motion Sign language interpreters face diverse situations Tuesday, March 4, 2008 | 7:20 p.m. CST

Photo Elicitation : 

Photo Elicitation

Validating other methods : 

Validating other methods

Challenges : 

Challenges Limitless data Access Altering natural setting Loss of anonymity More intrusive

Challenges : 

Challenges Subjective Interpretation Limited scope of lens Subjective use of camera Expense Vague guidelines of informed consent

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Example of subjective use

Conclusion : 


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