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Managing Jail Disturbances : 

Managing Jail Disturbances Flood Clarito G. Jover, CESO V, Ph.D. Lecturer


OBJECTIVES To identify jail disturbances whether man-initiated or natural calamity. To determine its causes. To formulate measure to prevent jail disturbances.

Topic Outline : 

Topic Outline Introduction Definition of Terms Types of Jail Disturbances Various Techniques/Procedures in Containing Jail Disturbances Jail Organizational Structure Functions/Responsibilities of Jail Authorities Management Limitations Recommendations


INTODUCTION In managing any prison disturbance, the mission of the Jail Bureau is to swiftly and effectively contain, neutralize and restore normalcy with minimal casualties, through proper co-ordination of all available resources. As such, when a prison disturbance breaks out, it is highly crucial to prevent any copycat incidences from spreading. Proactive steps and measures must be promptly taken to localize the incident area and sterilize the unaffected ones by beefing up the security and vigilance in these areas. It is of paramount importance that well-developed contingency plans are established and exercised during peacetime so that all staff are able to respond appropriately in a crisis.

Definition of Terms : 

Definition of Terms RIOT - A quarrel, fight, or disturbance marked by very noisy, disorderly, and often violent behavior: ESCAPE - To break loose and leave suddenly, as from confinement or from a difficult or threatening situation HOSTAGE TAKING - a person seized and held as a pledge that certain terms or agreements will be kept or person held captive until demand is met HUNGER STRIKE - refusal to eat as a protest against existing conditions. The hunger strike is a type of political resistance notable for deploying deliberate self-starvation to protest alleged injustice and abuses of power. NOISE BARRAGE - Bombardment of loud, annoying and unwanted sound.

Definition of Terms : 

Definition of Terms RESCUE ATTEMPT - make an effort of setting free/saving a person. FIRE – A rapid, persistent chemical change that releases heat and light and is accompanied by flame, especially the exothermic oxidation of a combustible substance. FLOOD - An overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry. TYPHOON – A typhoon is a Greek word meaning whirlwind. Typhoon is similar to a hurricane in levels of destructiveness. EARTHQUAKE - The sudden movement of the Earth caused by the abrupt release of accumulated strain along a fault in the interior. The released energy passes through the Earth as seismic waves (low-frequency sound waves), which cause the shaking.

Types of Jail Disturbances : 

Types of Jail Disturbances

Types of Jail Disturbances : 

Types of Jail Disturbances a. natural calamities Fire Flood Earthquake Tsunami Landslide Typhoon Volcanic Eruption Others

Types of Jail Disturbances : 

Types of Jail Disturbances Epidemics Food poisoning Rescue Bombing Power failure Water shortage Others b. Man made calamities/ disturbances Riot Jail break Noise Barrage Hostage taking

Various Techniques in Containing Jail Disturbances : 

Various Techniques in Containing Jail Disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances A. CONTRABAND IDENTIFICATION AND CONTROL  1. Contraband      2.  Identifying Contraband  3. Controlling Contraband

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

B. SEARCHES 1. Personal Searches   a. pat-down searches                        b. strip searches                        c. body cavity searches 2. Cell searches           a. Common areas and perimeter searches           b. Vehicle searches.  3. Security Inspection            a. Common areas and perimeter searches.              b. Vehicle searches Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

C. COUNTING PROCEDURES    Jail facilities have three types of counts:              a. Formal count b. Informal count c. Emergency count d. Reporting the count Three (3) rules to ensure the integrity of the count: •Make sure that you see each inmate you count; •Never allow inmates to conduct for you or to help you in any way during the count; and •Do not allow any inmate movement or other interruptions during the count. Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

D. KEY AND TOOL CONTROL        Key Control          Key Control Center          Key Control Rules   Tool Control            Tool Control Rules keeping an inventory of the tools being used; ensuring that all tools are signed out and signed in; teaching inmates how to use their tools safely and make sure that inmates follow safety rules; make sure that inmates properly handle tools assigned to them; check each tool to see whether it is in need of repair or replacement; always supervise inmates’ return of tools so that you will notice missing tools immediately. Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

E. FIREARMS CONTROL             Firearms Control Rules  No weapons of any kind should be permitted inside jail; Visiting officers should be required to surrender their weapons before entering the jail; Strong and secure cabinets should be provided for storage of visitors guns; Secured armory of the jail must be maintained; Jail personnel on duty at the gate is responsible for seeing that all weapons are stored away. Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

F. PATROL PROCEDURES        Effective Patrolling keep yourself fully informed about all activities know the ins and outs of the jail know and follow jails safety procedures know the jail’s contingency plans concerning different emergencies. Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

Preventive Patrol Some clues that can alert a jail officer to inmates’ illicit activities are: towels or blankets draped in front of a cell door, or from the top bunk to the bottom bunk; inmates who avert their eyes when you look at them; increase amount of contraband; and inmates are constantly looking out of the cell door or window. Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

Some signs that may indicate impending trouble are: obvious tension in the air; increase number of transfer from work; assignments or to different cells; increase in sick calls; increasing number of fights within groups or between groups of inmates; increasing number of violations of jail rules: inmates organizing into groups or gangs; inmates avoiding personnel; more than the usual amount of dangerous contraband being found. Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

G. TRANSPORTING INMATES          A. Planning          B. Preparing  C. Transporting Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances : 

H. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES          a. layout of the physical plan       b. evacuation routes and procedures          c. personnel/facility/friendly forces          d. equipment inventories          e. specific plans of action of different units Various techniques/ procedures in containing jail disturbances

Jail Organizational Structure : 

Jail Organizational Structure

Slide 22: 

Warden/Wardress Escort Unit Custodial Unit Supply & General Services Unit Records Unit Personnel & Finance Unit Religious & Spiritual Unit Paralegal Unit Sports & Recreation Unit Livelihood, Education & Skills Training Unit Food Service Unit Health Unit Deputy Warden Security & Control Section Inmates Welfare Development Section Administration Section City, District & Municipal Jail Oganizational Structure

Functions & Responsibilities of Jail Authorities : 

Functions & Responsibilities of Jail Authorities

Slide 24: 

1. WARDEN/ WARDRESS Administer the jail where he is assigned  Directs coordinates and controls jail personnel, inmates and all activities for the jail  Ensures the safety, security, discipline and well being of jail personnel as well as of inmates Preserves all warrants or documents of any kind or attested copies thereof by which an inmate is committed or released and made part of jail records. Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

Slide 25: 

2. ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION Develops programs for personnel to provide efficient work force Maintains personnel strength Serves as a message center of the warden Assumes responsibility for inmates’ records management Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

Slide 26: 

3. INMATES WELFARE DEVELOPMENT SECTION The Inmates Welfare Development Program is a set of physical, psychological, intellectual, vocational, and spiritual activities or interventions that facilitate inmate’s wellbeing and enhancement in accordance with the accepted social norms and ethical standards. Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

Slide 27: 

4. SECURITY & CONTROL SECTION The following guidelines should be strictly observed in jail, security in control: a)   Maintain strict control of firearms. Never permit any firearm inside the jail except in some areas where firearms are authorized.  b)   Maintain 24-hour supervision of inmates.  c)   Maintain a system of key control which shall include an accurate listing of all keys and of receipting them. Never permit the inmates to handle keys or to study them.  d)   Secure firearms and anti-riot equipment in the armory where they shall be within easy reach of the jail guard and yet afford maximum security against access by offenders.  e)    Supervise the proper use of tools and other potentially dangerous articles such as bottles, acids, kitchen knives, etc., and keep them out of offenders’ reach when not in use. Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

Slide 28: 

f)   Conduct regular inmates’ counts at least four (4) times within the 24 hour a day-period. Establish procedures will ensure beyond doubt, that every offender is physically present or accounted, at every count.  g)   Conduct frequent surprise searches of offenders and their quarters to detect contraband.  h)   Conduct frequent inspection of security facilities to detect tampering or defects.                  i)    Guard against escapes, assault on jail personnel and inmates disturbances.  j)    Develop plans dealing with emergencies like escapes, fires, assaults, riots and noise barrage. Make plans known and understood by jail personnel.  k)   Never allow a jail guard to often the inmate’s cells alone. At least, another guard should be present.  l)    Select carefully the inmates to be assigned as orderly or aide and maintain rigid control of their activities.  No offender should be allowed to assume any of the authority, which belongs to the jail staff or shall any inmate be allowed to exercise authority, supervision and control over other prisoners. Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

Slide 29: 

5. DUTIES OF CUSTODIAL FORCE a.   Supervise and maintain order and supervision of inmates in housing units, those assembled for religious services, entertainment and athletics, during meals, classes, work details, baths and visits; b.      Censor offender’s mail;  c.      Inspect security devices;  d.      Maintain inner and outer perimeter security; Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

Slide 30: 

e.   Escort inmates to courts, other authorized places of confinements and to hospitals in cases of emergencies;  f.    Ensure custody and safety of those confined in jail;  g.   Escorts visitors within the jail premises; h.   Report any infringement of rules and regulations to proper authorities;  i.    Inform the warden of any emergency case;  k.   Keep and maintain records of the inmates; and  l.    Perform such other duties as maybe assigned by competent authority. Roles, Functions & Responsibilities

Management Limitations : 

Management Limitations

Slide 32: 

Lack of personnel for escort and custodial force Lack of training Lack of moral support from the warden Lack of firearms and other security equipment (handcuff, keys, etc) Substandard jail facilities Laxity of personnel Management Limitations

Slide 33: 

Lack of intelligence network No prisoners van Unsanitary and poor living condition inside the facility Congestion Fraternization of personnel and inmates Natural calamities Inmates connivance with personnel Management Limitations

Recommendations : 


Slide 35: 

A. Human Aspect Identify or recognize the visitor and inmate to be visited Search the visitor thoroughly Establish Intelligence Network Inspect windows, doors, gates or any iron grill as often as possible Inspect and record all vehicles entering or exiting the facility Establish restricted area Identify escape-prone area Identify high-risk inmates Conduct roving patrol/inspection Implement/Internalize existing and appropriate policies and regulations on jail management Recommendations

Slide 36: 

B. Physical Aspect The constructions of jail facility must be made of sturdy or standard/ quality materials The ceilings or roofing must be made of solid or concrete cement The installation of concertina or barked wire The installation of closed-circuit television The installation of security light (ex. Search light, spot light, light with alarm system) Recommendations

Slide 37: 

C. Administrative Aspect Guards found sleeping on post Gambling Use of visitors control tag Visitors beyond regulated hours Absence of duty personnel during jail disturbances Organization of Intelligence Network Utilization of aides Inmates with gunshot wounds, sick or mentally disturbed Control of Keys/locks Use of handcuffs during any restraint Transporting of inmates to court Transporting of inmates to hospital Inaction of duty personnel to react during jail disturbance Rewards/Awards of duty personnel who successfully repel jail disturbance Recommendations

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