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Micro-Economics & Policy Analysis RURAL DEVELOPMENT in the Philippines Created by: Frietze Nono

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What is Rural Development? Rural development is used to denote the actions and initiatives taken to improve the standard of living in non-Urban neighborhoods, countryside, and remote villages. The small, terraced rice fields and tightly clustered homes of this agricultural village in the Chūgoku region of Honshū Island are typical of rural Japan. Traditionally, most Japanese lived in villages like this one, but today most live in cities.

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What is Development? During the past 30 years, Hong Kong has emerged as one of Asia's most prosperous cities. Jewelry, electronic goods, Chinese silks, expert tailoring, and traditional crafts are available here in great variety and at competitive prices. An endless parade of bargains lures more than 4 million tourists to Hong Kong every year. Development generally means the improvement of people's lifestyles through improved education, incomes, skills development and employment. Development also means that people should have decent housing, and that they should have security within those houses.

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What is Sustainable Development? Sustainable development is the management and conservation of the natural resources base, and the orientation of technological and institutional change in such a manner as to ensure the attainment and continued satisfaction of human needs for present and future generations. Annual precipitation in western Washington’s Olympic National Park is extremely heavy, making the region one of the wettest in the United States. The rains support one of the finest virgin rain forests in the United States, shown here. Dense vegetation, including thick mosses and large ferns, covers the forest floor.

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What is Rural Areas? Rural areas define by the SARDF or the South African Rural Development Framework as a sparsely populated area in which people farm or depend on natural resources, including the villages and small towns that are dispersed through these areas, also includes large settlements in the former homelands, created by apartheid removals. Rural areas are plagued by poverty, with the most vulnerable sectors of the population being women, children and the elderly. A great disparity between urban and rural incomes exists in Sierra Leone, where rural living standards are marginal. Most rural dwellers live in houses built of local materials and grow most of the food they consume. Women in several ethnic groups hold considerable freedom over their own affairs, and there is a distinct division of labor between the sexes. The men are responsible for hunting, fishing, and digging wells, while the women draw water, gather wood, process and prepare food, and tend the children.

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expeditious completion of the agrarian reform program expansion of irrigation improving agricultural extension services Rural Development in the Phil. strengthening local government units and improving the provision of rural credit improving upland agriculture and natural resource management developing rural infrastructure

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PGMA’s Rural Development 1. Creation of one million jobs in agriculture and fisheries 2. Distribution of 200,000 hectares of land every year for land reform 4. Self-sufficiency in rice in the future 3. Ensuring of market for the produce of farmers and fisherfolk Promises to allocate P20 billion annually

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On declaring the coconut levy fund s public funds Increasing the DA’s Absorptive capacity Increasing the productivity of rice & other crops through irrigation On financing equity & productivity On enacting rational land use policy Rural Development Strategy

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Recommendations Alternative ways of financing and implementing CARP Making the most out of a redistributive program Confronting the rice issue Wide information dissemination & education Vulnerable groups RURAL D EVE L OPME N T

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