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Driving profits through efficiency. From the simplest piece of equipment to the most sophisticated system design, from receiving all the way through to shipping, PeakLogix is the best resource to meet all your material handling needs.

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» Material Handling System Design » Performance Reviews » Strategic Planning » Concept Development & Evaluation » Facility Planning & Layout » Computer Simulation Modeling » Equipment Specification » Operational Audits

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Boar’s Head Design & Engineering CHALLENGE: Due to increasing demand, Boars Head required additional distribution capacity RESULTS: The new 50,000 sq. ft. distribution center project was finalized on time and surpassed capacity and productivity results required SPECS: Three (3) tunnel style Pick Modules, 23 Bays: 3 levels high, 5 pallets deep One (1) Bin Storage System, 15 bays: 5 levels high, 5 bins deep One (1) finished goods systems, 18 bays: 3 levels high, 10 pallets deep

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CHALLENGE: EBI was challenged to maximize storage capacity without expanding the footprint of their existing facility in order to accommodate market growth. RESULTS: PeakLogix engineered a customized dense pallet flow system to effectively store 20,000 pallets of material in their existing facility, this increased their capacity by 11,000 pallets. SPECS: Multi-Level Pallet Flow System, 37 Pallets Deep Nearly 6 miles of 56” wide pallet flow Mid-lane pallet separation assemblies 880 lbs. per pallet capacity Charge and Discharge end "forklift entry pockets” custom designed to pallet size with guarding to prevent damage EBI LLC – Upholstered Furniture Design & Engineering

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Design & Engineering Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America SPECS: Pallet Racking: (160) Uprights, (1,960) Beams, (980) Backstop Beams, and (1,960) Custom Wire Decks to accommodate client point load requirements. Handstack Racking: (40) Uprights, (936) Beams, and (936) Wire Decks. Bin Shelving: ( 293) sections of shelving, (5) shelves per section, (120) sections back-to-back and 50 single sections. Modular Office: (12’ x 46’) with a truckers lounge. RESULTS: The project was installed and completed on time without obstacle. All material is supportive of client required loads. CHALLENGE: Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America needed a customized storage solution for their new location in Suffolk, VA. PeakLogix coordinated the schedules of a new location and ensured all aspects of permitting and “build out” design were in place for the new facility prior to installing the racking and modular office.

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Interbake Foods Equipment Solutions - Consolidation CHALLENGE: Interbake Foods needed to consolidate two facilities into one 156,000 sq. ft. building while accommodating future growth. RESULTS: PeakLogix designed an efficient, cost effective layout for warehousing of finished goods and storage of raw materials. SPECS: 156,000 sq. ft. of space available 576 lanes of 4 high, 5 deep drive-in racks were installed with total pallet storage capacity of 11,500. 291 bays of selective pallet racking for raw material storage were installed.

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Lumber Liquidators Equipment Solutions – Ergonomics & Safety CHALLENGE: Store growth required additional capacity for storage of wood flooring, trim, and accessories. RESULTS: The amount of on-hand inventory doubled along with SKU growth. PeakLogix increased capacity to support this aggressive growth. SPECS: (Two) Thirteen bay, double deep bulk "lift" storage systems five levels high. (Five) Seven bay, single deep "each" picking rack systems, with bulk storage on top. Racking, wire decks, pallet supports, safety netting, wall panels and guardrail.

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U.S. Food Service Equipment Solutions – Space Utilization CHALLENGE: Create an economical solution to increase supervisory office space while decreasing foot traffic through the office. RESULTS: PeakLogix installed a larger office atop a full height mezzanine allowing for ample workspace while increasing storage space under the new office. SPECS: Turnkey Project Management with minimal disruption to operations. 296 sq. ft. Modular Office Workstations 317 sq. ft. of free standing Mezzanine

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» Turnkey Project Management Capabilities » Complex Systems Integration » Troubleshooting Assistance

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MAZDA North American Project Management CHALLENGE: Develop and design new space for a new product line to re-manufacture automobile transmissions. Project to include expansion considerations, be completed within a tight timeframe, and with little disruption to current operations. RESULTS: PeakLogix engineered a custom solution which included 3 modular rooms, a conveyor system and a material handling system. Turnkey Project Management included all permits, plumbing, HVAC, sprinkler and electrical work. SPECS: 16’ x 50’ Conference Room with 2 offices – structurally capable for 2nd story expansion. 32’ x 24’ Inspection Room 118’ x 33’ x 17’ Production Area including workstations and “clean room” Custom designed conveyor system Overhead cranes

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Owens & Minor Project Management CHALLENGE: Reduce an expansive-labor intensive distribution center layout to impact overall end user satisfaction by reducing errors caused by excessive manual handling of materials. Reconfiguration to occur during existing operations, with limited impact to customer satisfaction. RESULTS: PeakLogix designed and installed a 3-level picking system with pick divert technology and label sorting capabilities. Benefits of implementation include: reduced teammate turnover, improved morale, increased safety and savings in operational expenses. SPECS: 3-level, 250’ long pick module with over 4,000 pick locations. Smart conveyor system diverts totes to multiple pick zones, including a mezzanine and quality control area and then to sortation where a 12-lane narrow belt sorter diverts totes and cases to outbound destinations.

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Pacific STIHL Project Management CHALLENGE: Pacific STIHL, the Visalia, California based branch of STIHL, Inc., was moving into a larger facility and required an efficient, cost effective solution for storage and conveying of finished goods. The system needed to provide value, easy maintenance, and ease of implementation. RESULTS: PeakLogix provided a turnkey solution including: Motorized Roller Conveyor (MDR), Selective Rack and Installation. The project was completed on-time within budget and features the simple and efficient order processing system desired. SPECS: 2,500+ pallet positions, including a small parts shelf and carton flow area. 410’ of MDR across 2 independent conveyor lines converging at shipping stations. Conveyor utilizes accumulation logic on incline and decline to control product flow through 30” and 36” zones. Integrated semi-automatic case sealer, weigh stations, and box strappers.

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» Preventative Maintenance Services » Factory Trained Professional Installers » Fully Accredited and Insured » Full-time Client Services Team » New Technology Opportunities » Emergency 24 Hour Support / 7 Days a Week / 365 Days a Year We are always there when you need us!

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Coca-Cola Technology, Service + Support: Technology Integration CHALLENGE: Coca-Cola Sandston needed an automated system to ensure products were being packaged properly. New system needed to be implemented with minimal impact on bottling operations. RESULTS: PeakLogix created a PC-based barcode-scanning system. The new automated process provides management oversight into efficiency of product lines, hard data to review on raw materials usage, and the ability to pinpoint errors on the production line for immediate corrective action. SPECS: Label scanners read standard UPC barcodes sequentially as the roll feeds into machine. Pallet scanner scans 6 rows of cans, reading any UPC on the cans that are oriented outward. Scanners communicate with the program using RS232 communication over standard CAT5 cables.

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CVS Technology, Service + Support: Technology Integration CHALLENGE: With the addition of a new sorter, CVS needed a way to process cases of material as they passed through their bulk facility Existing case labeling system could not print bar codes on the case labels - crucial to the success of the newly installed sorter. RESULTS: PeakLogix created a label software system to translate the raw data from the CVS legacy system into bar code labels. The new system maximizes the use of the new sorter. The WAVE plans for case picking give operations staff the ability to efficiently evaluate and make adjustments to the picking order process. SPECS: Windows based custom software: receives pick data on a daily basis, loads data and allows operator to create waves, prints new pick labels, allows for re-prints of single or group labels, and communicates with sorter PLC - transferring wave/lane information.

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Maruchan Technology, Service + Support: Automation CHALLENGE: Client was investing significant labor for manually palletizing / transporting product. Required a system to receive up to 60 cases/min from 2 production lines, then build pallets with an inverted top layer. RESULTS: PeakLogix designed and installed an automated conveyor system to feed cases into and transport pallets out of 4 robotic palletizing cells. Robots were equipped with custom-built end effectors. The new system eliminated all manual labor and has the capacity to palletize up to 120,000 cases into 600 palletized loads in a single 20-hour day. SPECS: 4 FUJI EC-201HS Palletizing Robots, each with dual pick-up conveyors 2 pallet and slip-sheet dispensers 500’ Accumulation Conveyor 340’ Transportation Conveyor with 6 diverters 265’ Pallet Conveyors with 11 transfers

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Enhanced Technology Technology, Service + Support - Automation PeakLogix enables our clients to conceptualize their projects through the use of 3D technology and modeling software.

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New Technologies Available Industry At A Glance Pick Execution, order picking module is the industry’s first fully integrated voice directed pick to light (PTL) software-hardware solution that supports either voice, pick to light, or both technologies in combination. The latest advancement in multimodal picking: The Smart Pick Cart. New Technology allowing 12 or more orders to be picked/put directly into shipping cartons at a 30% faster rate than a voice only pick cart.

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New Technologies Available Industry At A Glance PeakLogix has been selected by SSI Schafer as one of five exclusive material handling integrators that can provide their products. PeakLogix has access to a dynamic product line manufactured by SSI Schafer that is designed specifically to fill the gap between being totally manual and fully automated. Mini Load AS/RS Quad System Click to play video

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New Technologies Available Industry At A Glance LOGIMAT Vertical Lift Module (VLM) – Automated Storage and Retrieval System Trays located on the front and rear side of LogiMat, moved on a lift, with rack and pinion design. Minimizes floor space while maximizing picking speed (save up to 90% space). With system heights up to 65 feet, savings will be more substantial. Utilizes “goods to person” principle, no bending or reaching.

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New Technologies Available Industry At A Glance The world’s most versatile automated layer handling machine. A vacuum chamber creates lift from UNDERNEATH products rather than pulling from above.  This enables the LayerPicker® to automatically lift the widest variety of products of any automatic layer handling machine on the market. One LayerPicker® regularly picks 20,000+ different products.

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New Technologies Available Not all traditional solutions can meet your current need for securing future business or improving overall efficiency. United Sortation Solutions works with PeakLogix to design and fabricate custom automation equipment to move product within the distribution or manufacturing environment. Industry At A Glance

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