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This electronic book (e~book) serves to introduce students to Environmental Education (EE) through its five categories of environmental objectives.


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Thank you, very much. I am working to earn my certification in Environmental Education. Wish me blessings... :)

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EE for Kids Series http://www.peachebooks.com Environmental Education

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http://www.peachebooks.com Title – Environmental Education By C Bohannon-Brown EP #6619 Published by Peach e~Books Georgia www.peachebooks.com All rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced by educators, parents, and students for educational purposes only. Commercial duplication is prohibited. © Peach e~Books April 7, 2011

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http://www.peachebooks.com Environmental education (EE) is an international effort to empower world citizens to become environmental stewards.

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http://www.peachebooks.com Environmental stewards are caretakers of the world’s diverse habitats, animals, food supplies, water sources and atmospheric quality .

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There are five categories of environmental education objectives. They are awareness, knowledge, attitudes, skills and participation. attitudes skills http://www.peachebooks.com awareness participation knowledge

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First, environmental awareness deals with people becoming sensitive to the needs and concerns of the environment. http://www.peachebooks.com awareness knowledge attitudes skills participation

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Next, environmental knowledge deals with gaining general or basic understanding of the environment, along with its needs and issues. http://www.peachebooks.com awareness knowledge attitudes skills participation

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Environmental attitudes help people develop genuine concerns for the environment. Attitudes may lead to active participation on behalf of key issues. http://www.peachebooks.com awareness attitudes skills participation knowledge

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Next, environmental skills deal with the ability to identify concerns, solve specific environmental problems and work to prevent new ones. http://www.peachebooks.com awareness attitudes skills participation knowledge

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Lastly, environmental participation deals with the opportunity to become actively involved in resolving important issues. http://www.peachebooks.com awareness attitudes skills participation knowledge

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Through these five category of objectives, citizens can help to preserve our planet for future generations. a wareness k nowledge a ttitudes s kills p articipation http://www.peachebooks.com

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http://www.peachebooks.com Thank you to the following on-line resources: Cover Photos http://www.centralbasin.org/blog http://alxijaas.wordpress.com/ http://web.mit.edu/renewable-iap09/www/ http://fishfeet2007.blogspot.com/2010/08/space-not-competition-has-driven-earths.html Plants in hand http://www.bhbl.org/Charlton/CHhistory/CHhistory.htm World in Hand http://ckdp.ca/2010/04/17/several-green-activities-planned-for-earth-week-in-wallaceburg/ Earth http://www.peterrussell.com/Earth/index.php INFORMATION SOURCE: Tbilisi Declaration (1977) http://www.gdrc.org/uem/ee/tbilisi.html

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