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This presentation describes the international holiday called Labor Day.


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Title: Honoring Workers: Labor Day By C Bohannon-Brown PEN # 2938 Published by Peach e~Books Georgia All rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced by educators, parents, and students for educational purposes only. Commercial duplication is prohibited. © Peach e~Books August 2008


Georgia Performance Standard: Social Studies-Kindergarten-History- 1st Standard (SSKH1) ___________________________________________________ Kindergarteners will identify the purpose of national holidays and describe the people or events celebrated. ___________________________________________________ Title: Honoring Workers: Labor Day By C Bohannon-Brown Published by Peach e~Books Georgia © Peach e~Books August 28, 2008


The first labor parade took place in Canada in 1872. Workers spoke out against their unfair treatment.


In 1882, the Knights of Labor held a parade and called the gathering Labor Day. This first Labor Day holiday took place in New York City.


In many countries, people honor workers with the international celebration called Labor Day.


In the United States, Labor Day is the first Monday in September. Celebrations are held for workers around the country.


Also on the first Monday in September, Canada honors workers on Labor Day with parades.


The citizens of Brazil celebrate Labor Day on the first of May. These celebrations may include music and speeches.


May 1st is also Labor Day in Greece. Marches are held all over the country to celebrate these workers.


In the People’s Republic of China, Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st, , as well. Workers get one week off to enjoy their families.


In New Zealand, Labor Day is also called Eight-Hour Work Day. This movement ensured that its workers would have time to rest from work everyday.


Today, the hard work of men and women is celebrated around the world during the holiday known as Labor Day.


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