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This presentation introduces the concepts of services and goods. It gives examples and a short quiz for practice.


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Title: Services and Goods By C Bohannon-Brown PEN #2932 Published by Peach e~Books Georgia All rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced by educators, parents, and students for educational purposes only. Commercial duplication is prohibited. © Peach e~Books April 12, 2008


When people perform jobs for others, the jobs are called “services”.


When people buy things, those things are called “goods”.


Let’s take a look at examples of services and goods.


When farmers grow and harvest food, they are providing services. When people buy the food, they are purchasing goods.


When grocery cashiers and baggers handle money and food for shoppers, they are providing services. When people buy their groceries, they are purchasing goods.


When bakers make cakes and breads, they are providing services. When people buy the cakes and breads, they are purchasing goods.


When parents make their children’s lunches, they are providing services. When the children eat their lunches, they are eating goods.


When restaurant servers bring food to the table, they are providing services. The food that people order from menus are goods. food server


When sheep farmers sheer the wool off of sheep, they are providing services. When people buy the wool to make clothing, they are purchasing goods.


When sales people help shoppers to buy clothes, they are providing services. The clothes that people purchase are goods.


When gas station attendants pump gasoline for customers, they are providing services. The gallons of gasoline that people purchase are called goods.


Fire fighters put out deadly fires. Would their jobs be examples of services or goods? Fire fighters provide services to people in their community.


People buy many colas from drink machines. Would these purchases be examples of services or goods? Purchasing colas would be examples of buying goods.


School store assistants sell pencils, pens, and markers to students. What would be the service and what would be the goods? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The school store assistants’ help would be services. The pencils, pens, and markers would be the goods.


Everyday, people use services and buy goods. See if you can identify some services and goods, the next time you go shopping.


Online Resources Thank you to the following resources: Social Studies for Kids All photos provided by: Microsoft XP Media Collection (PowerPoint) Version 2002

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