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This presentation discusses the value of the U. S. 's four basic coins and the dollar bill.


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Title: Four Coins and A Dollar By C Bohannon-Brown PEN # 2931 Published by Peach e~Books Georgia This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved. This publication may be reproduced by educators, parents, and students for educational purposes only. Commercial duplication is prohibited. © Peach e~Books March 31, 2008


People think about money, when they see these coins and dollar bill.


But what is the true value of this money?


A penny’s value is one (1) cent. One cent is equal to one penny. One cent can be written as 1¢ and $ .01 .


President Abraham Lincoln is on the front of the penny. The Lincoln Memorial is on the back of the penny.


Five cents can be written as 5¢ and $ .05. A nickel’s value is five (5) cents. A nickel is equal to five pennies.


President Thomas Jefferson is on the front of the nickel. Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, is on the back of the nickel.


Ten cents can be written as 10¢ and $ .10 . A dime’s value is ten (10) cents. A dime is equal to ten pennies.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the front of the dime. The back of the dime has a torch in the middle, an olive branch on the left side, and an oak branch on the right side.


Twenty-five cents can be written as 25¢ and $ .25. A quarter’s value is twenty-five (25) cents. A quarter is equal to twenty-five pennies.


President George Washington is on the front of the quarter. The back of the quarter has an eagle with outstretched wings.


A dollar can be written as 100¢ or $ 1.00 . A dollar is worth one hundred (100) cents. One hundred pennies is equal to one dollar.


George Washington is also on the front of the one dollar bill. The back of the dollar has the word “ONE” in large letters and shows the front and the back of the Great Seal of the United States.


When people see the penny, the nickel, the dime, the quarter, and the dollar bill, they think about money!


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