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This presentation discusses the importance of school rules.


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Principals, students, teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers and office assistants are citizens of schools.


As school citizens, everyone must do their part to create safe and positive places in which to learn.


To keep everyone safe, school citizens must follow school rules.


School rules are important because they tell everyone the appropriate way to act or behave.


School rules can be found throughout school buildings.


Usually, there are rules for entering school buildings.


One rule for entering a school may be that everyone must sign-in before visiting any classroom.


This rule makes sure that all visitors have permission to enter the building. It helps to keep everyone safe.


A rule for school media centers would be to speak quietly, while others are reading.


This rule would make sure that others could concentrate without being disturbed.


A rule for a school cafeteria could be to keep all food on the trays.


This rule keeps food off of the floor, so that everyone can safely walk in the cafeteria.


There are other places where school rules can be found.


Above are pictures of a hallway, a gym, and water fountains. See if you can think of rules for these school areas.


What other rules do you follow during your school day?


When all school citizens work together, schools can remain safe and positive learning places.


Online Resources Thank you to the following on-line resources: Flag and Desk Photo (cover) Teamwork Photo (Fotosearch) Children’s Day School Midtown West Manhattan Neighborhood Map Student in front of School Bus Mark Sisson’s Daily Bite (Picture of Cafeteria Food) Microsoft PowerPoint Clip Artwork


Online Resources Thank you to the following on-line resources: Picture of School (night) Picture of Desks School Rules Posters Pictures of Teachers and Students (Slide 4) Cafeteria Worker (from Wildwood Elementary-Nancy Dihlmann) Students in Cafeteria

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