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This presentation details President- elect Barack Obama's historic whistle- stop train trip to Inaugural ceremonies, in Washington, D. C.


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Title: Mr. Obama Goes To Washington By C Bohannon-Brown PEN # 2943 Published by Peach e~Books Georgia All rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced by educators, parents, and students for educational purposes only. Commercial duplication is prohibited. © Peach e~Books January 19, 2009


President-elect Barack Obama began his whistle-stop train ride to Washington, D.C., with a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Then, his train traveled to Wilmington, Delaware on its way to the nation’s capital.


Huge crowds of supporters awaited the arrival of Barack Obama’s train along the route.


The President-elect’s train passed through Claymont, Delaware and made a stop in Wilmington to greet throngs of people.


Vice President-elect Joseph Biden greeted President-elect Obama in Wilmington.


Barack Obama spoke to thousands of people who had waited for hours, in the cold weather, to see him.


Later, the Obamas and the Bidens began their historic trip to Washington in the District of Columbia.


Before arriving in Washington, D.C., Mr. Obama spoke to supporters at War Memorial Plaza, in Baltimore, Maryland.


After several hours aboard the train, President-elect Obama and his family arrived in Washington, D.C.


During the next day, a special concert was held, at the Lincoln Memorial, for the Obamas and the Bidens.


Numerous movie and recording stars shared the stage to honor the celebrated families.


The “We Are One” concert brought people of many different ethnic backgrounds together, as they shared a part in this historical event.


The Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia, enjoyed seeing the stars on stage.


After the concert, President-elect Obama shared his hopes for America and expressed that “anything is possible”.


On that Saturday in January, many people enjoyed the concert and the speech, as Inaugural celebrations began across Washington, D.C.


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Online Resources Thank you to the following on-line resources: Obamas and Bidens in Baltimore, Maryland

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