Natural and Homemade Jams

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Peachhut is a rural Factory comes its name from being in the middle of Rich Peach Orchards of Rajgarh, famously known as the 'Peach Bowl of Asia'. Misty Peaks with the substance of natural beauty is all around it to provide natural climatic conditions to improve local fruits like blackberry, Red Plums, Peaches , Apples, etc. The concept of this venture is to facilitate nature's gifts with human race all over the year and lightening lamps of many houses by generating employment for local area women.


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Natural and Homemade Jams: Adding Flavour to you're table :

Natural and Homemade Jams : Adding Flavour to you're table

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Peach Hut Apricot Chutney with rice & Chicken. Apricot Chutney

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Freshly homemade cake full of Peach Hut Peach Jam . Peach Jam

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Various homemade cookies filled with various Jams & Jellies of Peach Hut to give a multi color appearance . Jams & Jellies

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Eggless cheese cake mounted by Peach Hut cherry jam. Cherry Jam

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Plain Bread simply goes with Peach Hut Tri-Fruit Marmalade. Tri Fruit Marmalade

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Rajgarh , Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh +91-7087129139 ,  9816027843

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