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To Buy Hotel Rooms or Not to Buy Hotel Rooms A guide by Jessica Austin

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In recent years experienced hotel investment and resort developers have been offering private investors the opportunity to invest in hotel rooms on the basis of buying to rent. Of course the idea that you can buy hotel rooms sounds glamorous but how can you buy so that hotel developments can be compared to traditional real estate investments abroad If you are thinking of investing in property abroad there are probably some things on your wish list. A manageable level of investment a hands-free project an excellent return on investment and possibly a magical destination that you will want to visit year after year will be all important.

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Of course with the current economic climate you will also want a safe and secure investment that exceeds the property fall. It is not surprising that one of the most recent features of the overseas property market buying to rent hotel rooms continues to grow despite the grief and sadness elsewhere. Almost inaudible just a decade ago the opportunity to buy hotel rooms is often seen as a perfect way for private investors to limit their personal exposure and at the same time enjoy the benefits of income and the possible growth of purchasing capital for allow real estate investment.

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So what exactly do you have to do to buy hotel rooms Buying a hotel suite is not so different from the traditional purchase to allow real estate investments. A hotel developer will sell a number of rooms suites and apartments within the hotel to private investors. As business travelers and tourists book rooms the developer pays a percentage of room rates to investors.

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Investors who buy hotel suites get a hands-free investment in which an experienced hotel management team takes care of everything from marketing to maintenance. Financially buy so that hotel developments can generate both a revaluation of capital and a regular income with returns in the region of 10 + of income only that are achieved regularly. Of course when you buy hotel rooms there is always an additional bonus to consider: free and discounted stays at a high-end hotel. So how do they compare with other real estate investments abroad Buy so hotel developments can help minimize risk.

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The way in which hotel developments counteract individual risks is one of the biggest attractions for investors who want to buy hotel rooms. Buying a property abroad for rent brings with it a great risk: not being able to leave the apartment or the villa you buy. When you buy hotel rooms the returns are not based on the particular suite you buy but on the success of the entire hotel. An occupancy rate of only 50-60 would normally be enough to offer a solid return on a purchase to make room at the hotel.

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You can buy hotel rooms as part of a SIPP or other personal pension investment. Usually when you buy hotel rooms one of the advantages is the free or very discounted stay at the hotel. However if you do not need the personal use of the hotel shop so that the hotel rooms can be perfect for buying through self-invested personal pensions SIPP. If you buy hotel rooms through a SIPP you will benefit from capital growth free of taxes and profits. In fact your SIPP may own a single hotel room or even share in several through a syndicated agreement.

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