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Part 2 of link building tips to make people link naturally to your website. Read, learn, comment and share. Full part 1 article at: -how-to-make-people-link-to-your-website.html


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Link Juice: How to make people link to your website part 2. : 

Link Juice: How to make people link to your website part 2. Paweł Szulencki, June 2008 /

Tip #1: Develop valuable content. : 

Tip #1: Develop valuable content. Create interesting, unique timeless content on your website. Keep your content easy to read, understandable and make it fit to your target audience. Preferably you should focus on writing at high school level in most cases. Double check your articles and posts to eliminate all grammatical and spelling errors.

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Attractive and appealing content is also great opportunity to gain links to your website and becoming cited source and website with high authority. Remember that search engines look for text on your site so make good use of that.

Tip #2: Enable easy linking to your website. : 

Tip #2: Enable easy linking to your website. When you write a valuable content let people easily link to it. Make descriptive titles so people knew right away what you are writing about. Don’t mislead them.

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Use social bookmarking services to spread your thoughts easier and faster. There is a lot of people using social websites and they will appreciate if you make their web experience even easier by enabling them to add your website to their favorites social bookmarking websites.

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You may also want to add custom buttons, banners or links in “Link to us” section of your website to have better control over how people link to you and what anchor texts do they use.

Tip #10: Ask for links. : 

Tip #10: Ask for links. Easy as it may sound it is rather more complicated process. Do you think everyone is interested in putting a link to your website on their website just like that, because you asked them for that? Think again.

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Put their link on your website BEFORE asking them to link back. NEVER threat to remove their link if they don’t link back to you. Make sure they are able to exchange links with you and even point them which website you would like to get a link from. What you have to remember when asking for link backs are:

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Give them the exact link text including ready to copy and paste html code of your link so it was easier for them to implement it on their website. Use as many information’s as you can when contacting them. Be as human and personal as possible. Use their name if possible. Any standard email templates are old and everyone can sense them and they will not respond to them. ALWAYS visit their website before sending an email. Don’t pretend you visited it, just do it.

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You may also contact them by phone instead of email. People are more likely to link to your website if you contact them by phone. It’s simply harder for them to say “no”.

Tip #11: Conferences and business meetings. : 

Tip #11: Conferences and business meetings. Attend your industry conferences, meet with people from your branch. Talk to them in person, make relationships with gurus in your trade. It is far more easier to talk directly to them in person, when they are ready for that, easily accessible and approachable.

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You may extend that person to person relationship onto the web which may help grow your business and gain some links to your website.

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Make interesting interviews with the “inside people”. Such interviews make original content quite easily and they may spread quite fast on the Internet distributing your links on different websites.

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Want to read more about link building? Read my article: “Link Juice: How to make people link to your website.”

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Good luck in your link building campaigns!

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