The Pause Legacy - Chapter 25: Run Rabbit Run Rabbit Run Run Run

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Welcome back :D Lots of dandy, interesting things happened in previous chapters. Then there was an heir poll. And Coil was the winner by one point!

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Coil was at the public pool, trying to pluck up the courage to talk to Brodie. Coil: “You can’t just casually walk up without a planned conversation in mind. These things need to be perfect.”

Slide 3: 

Mallorie: “VJ, we haven’t hung out in so long. You don’t even come around to annoy my parents.” VJ: “What? If you hadn’t noticed I’m a real man now. I don’t have time to be tailoring the needs of some tween. There are real ladies out there that need my services.” Mallorie: “ don’t want to hit that anymore?”

Slide 4: 

VJ: “I’m just kidding. Of course I want to hit that. But I have a badass reputation to uphold. So if anyone asks I’m going to deny it.” Mallorie: “It’s like a secret, forbidden relationship.”

Slide 5: 

Coil had no time to be on the look out for his older sister’s wellbeing. He had a crush to find. Coil: “Where is she? I thought so long about the perfect thing to say to her and now I can’t find her.”

Slide 6: 

He eventually found her. Coil: “Brodie! Hi! I’m so glad I ran into you.” Brodie: “Really? How come?”

Slide 7: 

Coil: “Um...I dunno...*mumble* know.....I um*mumble*”

Slide 8: 

*awkward silence*

Slide 9: 

Kavalee was trying to form a plan to get his son back from Lady Wolf. Jacqui: “Kidnappings are so cliché. Let’s make this one exciting. We’ll do it in broad daylight. Cover of darkness is for big sissies. We’ll throw in some pole vaulting over a high fence at some point.” Kavalee: “Can’t we just use one of our ghostly ancestors to walk through a wall and pick a lock?” Jacqui: “Sorry, I don’t do boring.”

Slide 10: 

Kavalee: “I wish I had a time machine so I could just go back and stop her from taking him.” Jacqui: “Yes, but who knows how to make one of those.”

Slide 11: 

Bebe Hart puts on her most revealing black swimsuit and her highest high heels and heads to the pool and goes into labour. Bebe: “Help me!” Brodie: “With what? Pushing it out for you?”

Slide 12: 

Mallorie: “Somebody help her! She’s going to get baby mucus all over those beautiful shoes!” Brodie: “She knew what she was getting into the moment she put on those labour inducing heels.”

Slide 13: 

Jacqui: “LOOK OUT THERES A MANIACAL STEREO AFTER YOUR BLOOD!” Bon: “Stop doing that to me! I’m your father!” Jacqui: “It’s funny because that’s how you died.”

Slide 14: 

Bon: “I’m the ghost. I’m meant to be the one scaring!”

Slide 15: 

Even in death Locke cannot escape Jacqueline.

Slide 16: 

Kavalee: “Hey dad, I’m glad I ran into you. I know you’re dead and all, but I was hoping we could talk...” Locke: “Kav, I would really love to, but I’m kind of busy right now.”

Slide 17: 

Kavalee: “Damn stupid ghosts get more action than I do.”

Slide 18: 

Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You could easily forget that Jacqueline had Locke living in fear and drove him to an early grave.

Slide 19: 

Kavalee: “I’m trying to get my son back, but I’m not too good with plans. With all those detective shows you watch you must know how to put a good plan into action. Will you please help me?”

Slide 20: 

Carousel: “Uncle Kav, I thought you would never ask. You know how our relationship in the past has always been based around my love of television you being there fixing the television?” Kavalee: “Yes, it was a pretty stretched relationship.” Carousel: “Yeah, I like it that way. I think we should not change it. And when I said I thought you would never ask, I meant I hoped you would never ask.”

Slide 21: 

Kavalee: “Sorry miss couch potato! I just thought that maybe you’d like to help your uncle in a time of need and maybe actually get off your chubby ass and get some exercise for once!”

Slide 22: 

Carousel: “Low blow Uncle Kav. Low blow.” Kavalee: “Carousel, I’m sorry. I was flustered and I didn’t mean it. I hope I didn’t offend you” Carousel: “You never mean anything you say. How can anyone be offended by you when you’re so easily manipulated and you don’t believe a word that comes out of your own mouth. Why do you think it was so easy for Mrs. Wolff to take your child?”

Slide 23: 

Kavalee: “Carousel, that’s so insightful. Which show did you get that from?” Carousel: “You don’t learn everything there is about the human condition from the television! How stupid can you get. You learn lots about people when they think you aren't paying attention to them. Like when they think you’re watching TV.”

Slide 24: 

Coil: “There’s a girl I kind of like and I can’t think of a way to ask her out. What did Dad do to win you heart?” Dawn: “I was a rebound when my sister dumped him.” Coil: “What? Come on, I’m sure that’s not true.”

Slide 25: 

Coil: “Dad, what romantic gesture did you use to make mum fall in love with you?” Peter: “Huh? Oh, I kind of rebounded after your Aunt Jedda dumped me. That woman is like a siren.”

Slide 26: 

Peter: “Remember when she yelled at me for talking about books and then dumped me, and then you said you weren’t ready for a relationship so I said I’d wait and then I went and made out with Jedda again.” Dawn: “How could I forget.” Peter: “Yeah, good times.”

Slide 27: 

Mallorie: “Morning, what are we talking about?” Coil: “An answer to a question I wish I never asked.”

Slide 28: 

Beatrix: “Morning, what are we talking about?” Mallorie: “An answer to a question that Coil wishes he never asked apparently.” Coil: “What she said.”

Slide 29: 

Mallorie: “The sink’s broken again. Where’s Uncle Kav?” Beatrix: “He out attempting to plot to kidnap his son.” Mallorie: “Eh, I liked it better when he moped around here and fixed our stuff as a coping mechanism.” Beatrix: “We all did sis.”

Slide 30: 

How have I not found a love interest for Beatrix yet? Look at that sultry face.

Slide 31: 

The future did not take kindly to Jacqueline’s visit.

Slide 32: 

Jacqui: “I’ll teach that future civilisation who they’re messing with. They’re about to get a visit from the knuckles sisters. Peow, pew pew.”

Slide 33: 

Kavalee: “Do you think he knows if I even exist? How can they lie like that to him his whole life. Does she even feel guilty about what she did to me?” Carousel: “Didn’t anything I said earlier get through?! I promised I wouldn’t tell but Beatrix sees Mrs. Wolff at the park like every night. Maybe you can sort things out like an adult instead of whining to your niece who just wants to see the ending of a shitty vampire movie in peace!”

Slide 34: 

Kavalee: “Really? Should I go talk to her?” Carousel: “Yes. You should go. You should go right now and not say another word to me.”

Slide 35: 

Kavalee: “Hi Morgana.” Lady Wolf: “Oh....hi Kavalee. How have you been?”

Slide 36: 

Kavalee: “Oh yeah, you know. Pretty good. Not falling down a metaphorical well of despair at all. How’s the loving Wolff family. Perfect as always? I don’t see the rest of the family here with you. Where’s Amir?” Lady Wolf:“He’s out with his father.”

Slide 37: 

In fact, Thornton was not with Amir. He had abandoned the kid at the junkyard while Amir was busy making scary-evil faces.

Slide 38: 

Thornton: “God I hope that little creep doesn’t know the way home.”

Slide 39: 

Kavalee: “Excuse me? Out with his father? That cannot possibly be true. Because his father is standing right in front of you. And his father has never even seen him.” Lady Wolf: “Kavalee, would you just drop it. I’m not going to change my mind about what I did. I’m prepared to go to the grave stating that Amir is Thornton’s son.

Slide 40: 

Kavalee: “Just because a man has a high paying job that comes with a suit and a briefcase, you automatically think he’s a better father?” Lady Wolf: “Yes.” Kavalee: “Well fine. I’ll just get my own suit and briefcase and my own high paying job, and then you’ll be begging me to be Amir’s father.”

Slide 41: 

Lady Wolf: “You’ll be in debt within one week.” Kavalee: “Oh will I? Will I now? With the amount of determination I have, it’s impossible for that to happen.”

Slide 42: 

Kavalee: “Mother, I’m moving out. No woman takes a man seriously when he lives with his parents still. And when Morgana finally respects me, she’ll let her guard down, and then I can take Amir.” Jacqui: “That’s the stupidest kidnapping plot I’ve ever heard.”

Slide 43: 

Kavalee: “I’m not kidnapping him anymore. I’m past that. Now I’m going to show Morgana I’m a responsible adult by holding down a job and becoming wealthy.” Jacqui: “That sound like an even worse plan than the one before. You can’t hold down a job. The only thing you’re good at is fishing in a cemetery for 15 hours straight.” Kavalee: “Great, no one believes in me.”

Slide 44: 

Jacqui: “Oh all right, if that’s what you need to hear. Good luck with your vague plans and whatnot.” Kavalee: “Yeah! I know I can do this. I’m going to have my son back before you know it.” Jacqui: “At least do the town a favour and shower before you leave.”

Slide 45: 

Kavalee: “Thankyou for believing in me mother. You will not regret it.” Jacqui: “Raising your arm like that is not helping the situation.”

Slide 46: 

Dawn: “When most people lose the will to live, they still remember to bathe. “ Kavalee: That’s not me. I smell of determination. That other smell is your husband.”

Slide 47: 

Dawn: “Of course it is.” Peter: “It’s the new height of fashion. Manly deodorants to make a man smell like a real man should. It’s called ‘Natural Odour’. Though I think I just paid $100 dollars to smell like I’m not wearing any deodorant.”

Slide 48: 

And Morgana was right. One day after moving out. Kavalee was heavy in debt :(

Slide 49: 

Mallorie: “VJ! I think you should come over. There’s something here I think you are really going to like.”

Slide 50: 

VJ: “I can’t believed I agreed to come over here. Why am I wasting my time with this girl? This is going to ruin my badass rep for sure.”

Slide 51: 

Mallorie: “Hi VJ, like what you see?” VJ: “Wow! Mallorie! You’re looking a lot hotter than you used to.”

Slide 52: 

Yes, maybe I went a bit overboard. But my sims always look so well behaved. I’ve decided to have some fun with Mallorie and let her slut it up. XD

Slide 53: 

Of course, Grady decided that moment to visit the bedroom. She’s only been an adult for an hour and she’s already in love triangles.

Slide 54: 

Grady is upset! Grady displays emotions Gorilla alpha-male style!

Slide 55: 

Grady: “Is THAT Little VJ? Why would you even bother?”

Slide 56: 

VJ: “Maid, Little VJ had already pleasured more ladies than you ever will.”

Slide 57: 

Grady: “Why would you even want to associate with scum like that?” Mallorie: “Will you calm down. It wasn’t anything serious. And you’re on the list okay. A girl’s gotta start somewhere.”

Slide 58: 

Grady: “Why would you even need a list when you had me? Look at this expression. Even my girlfriend said she has to fight to keep girls off me.” Look at the intensity of which Coil paints his little house XD

Slide 59: 

Coil: “Must paint harder! I can still hear them!”

Slide 60: 

Jacqui: “Metal arm? Check. Muscles? Check.”

Slide 61: 

Mallorie: “Wow, you are getting good. That’s a really nice song you’re playing.” Carousel: “Yeah. You’re in the way of me getting to a Scrubs marathon and I don’t even care.”

Slide 62: 

Coil: “Thanks, I’m trying to write a song for Brodie.” Mallorie: “Brodie? You mean the chick with the monotone voice and the funny haircut? You could do better than her.”

Slide 63: 

Coil: “There’s no girl in the world that’s better than Brodie.” Mallorie: “No way! Hey, random person on the phone. Guess. What. My little brother, like has a crush on the funniest looking girl. Yeah! A mohawk.” Phone: *incomprehensible squealing*

Slide 64: 

Mallorie: “I know! What is up with that?”

Slide 65: 

Peter: “Who are you off scaring?” Jacqui: “♫ Definitely not youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♫” Peter: “Oh, okay then.”

Slide 66: 

Jacqui: “Hah! It was you!”

Slide 67: 

Jacqui: “Scaring people really takes it out of you. I think I’ll take an evil nap.” Peter: “I don’t care.” Jacqui: “I don’t care that you don’t care.”

Slide 68: 

After her evil nap, Jacqueline made her way to the Wolff residence in order to carry out her mastermind plot.

Slide 69: 

Jacqui: “Hi Kavalee. I’m planning a daring heist, and you better come to the Wolff residence soon before I decide to frame you for something.”

Slide 70: 

Jacqueline grew impatient and practiced on some inanimate objects. Jacqui: “Tell the others, trashcan. This wave of violence is only the beginning.”

Slide 71: 

Kavalee: “This is a strange place to meet. I cannot wait to buy some discount frames.” Jacqui: “I did not say that at all.” Kavalee: “Really? Then, why did you call me here?”

Slide 72: 

Jacqui: “I figure this would be the perfect time to put your kidnapping plan into action.” Kavalee: “But I don’t want to kidnap him anymore. That’s just juvenile. I need to prove to them I can be an adult. How am I going to be a father if I’m not a good father figure?” Jacqui: “I figured you’d wuss out when the time came. That’s why I took the liberty of coming up with a new plan. That’s why we’re here now.”

Slide 73: 

Kavalee: “Mum, I don’t want to break into my ex-girlfriend’s house.” Jacqui: “I’m not asking you to break anything. You couldn’t break up a marriage if you got the chick pregnant! Oh wait.” Kavalee: “This is your plan? To stand in front of his house for a while? He’s not even home right now.”

Slide 74: 

Jacqui: “Look it’s very simple. The kid is at school right now. When he comes home I’ll grab him as he walks up the drive.” Kavalee: “When you lost you mind, your scheming drastically went downhill. I’m going home so I can’t be seen as an accomplice.” Jacqui: “Fine. I’ll just kidnap the kid all on my own. And you can’t play with him.”

Slide 75: 

I initially felt horrible when I got Kavalee’s debt message, because I had sent him out into the real world without any experience. Until it became apparent that he’s in debt because he bought the most expensive car in the game!

Slide 76: 

Today Jacqui has lived to be 100. So while she’s waiting for Amir I let her celebrate.

Slide 77: 

Take that overpriced sculpture!

Slide 78: 

Jacqui: “Success! I don’t know why I like doing this so much but I’m glad I do.”

Slide 79: 

Thornton: “Why is there a strange woman outside my house!?!? Don’t you door knockers know that wealthy people have their own elitist religion?!”

Slide 80: 

Amir: “You’re that lady that told me to fool people into thinking I’m cute and innocent. I have been. Where’s the payoff. When do I start ruling this vile planet with an iron fist?”

Slide 81: 

Amir: “Are you going to teach me how to do it now? Jacqui: “I’m afraid not. I’ve actually just come to kidnap you.”

Slide 82: 

Amir: “I don’t want to be kidnapped! What a waste of time. Escaping will take me a while and will drastically cut time into my taking over the world, making lands barren, water undrinkable and other random evil things.” Lady Wolf: I don’t know whether be more worried about hearing talk of kidnapping or hearing talk of world domination.

Slide 83: 

Jacqui: “Okay fine, I won’t kidnap you. But only because I like you.” Amir: “Thanks. Even though you’ll be dead, but when I’m grown up and ruling the world, I’ll thank you for partly helping me.” Jacqui: “Don’t count on that kid. I’m going to live forever.”

Slide 84: 

Thornton: “You know it’s funny. My son has eyes exactly like yours. Which is strange as I have green eyes and my wife has blue.”

Slide 85: 

Jacqui: “Genetics sure are weird sometimes. You’d find it uncanny how close your kid resembles my son.”

Slide 86: 

Beatrix: “Are you still trying to write that song for Brodie?” Coil: “Of course. It’s still not perfect.” Beatrix: “If you don’t let Brodie know soon how you feel, I’m going to tell her for you.”

Slide 87: 

Coil: “You wouldn’t! You’ll ruin everything!”

Slide 88: 

Peter: “Your mother overheard you talking about someone called Brodie, and she’s made me come up have a talk to you about bad influences.” Beatrix: “That woman has ears like a bat!”

Slide 89: 

Peter: “.............” Beatrix: “...Soooo?” Peter: “Alright, glad we had this talk. Bye kids.”

Slide 90: 

Beatrix: “Coil, I’m being serious here. You have to stop with this movie like idea of the perfect romance. Brodie’s not going to wait for you forever. You have to put your feelings into action and stop going off into a fantasy world whenever you think of her.” Coil: “...”

Slide 91: 

Beatrix: “You’re thinking about her again aren’t you.” Coil: “Wha?”

Slide 92: 

Oh no! It looks like Brodie already has moved on. Victor Grossman may not be able to write a sonnet, but I’ve been told by reliable sources that he’s got awesome pash cred.

Slide 93: 

*insert an awkward Coil here*

Slide 94: 

Coil: “What’s so great about Victor? I mean, aside from his kissing skills. I thought that maybe you and I could be, sort of, an item.”

Slide 95: 

Brodie: “I did kind of have feelings for you Coil. But whenever we were together you wouldn't say a word to me. I thought you didn’t like me. So I moved on to Victor.”

Slide 96: 

Coil: “But I do like you. I like you a whole lot. I was even writing a song, just for you.” Brodie: “Really?” Coil: “Yeah, and now that I’ve realised that I could have lost you I’m going to spend all day telling you all the things I love about you. Like your hair, and your voice, and your pout, and your name...”

Slide 97: 

Brodie: “Oh come on Coil. You can’t expect me to dump Victor just because you finally learnt how to talk around me.” Coil: “You’re really pretty when you’re mad.” Brodie: “That isn’t helping.” Mohawk Love! ♥♥♥ See you next time :D

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