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Reagan’s Revolution Unfinished - Democracies in Danger : 

Reagan’s Revolution Unfinished - Democracies in Danger

Why we Fought the Cold War: 

Why we Fought the Cold War Our way of Life was under existential threat 100s of millions of people were literally captives of a evil ideology

Consequences of Victory: 

Consequences of Victory Collapse of the USSR and the creation of new independent states The freeing of the captive nations, from the Baltics to the Balkans The whole-sale transition of nations to the ”market democracy” model An end to Mutually Assured Destruction

Budapest: Paris of the East: 

Budapest: Paris of the East

Hungary: From Victory to Self-inflicted Defeat: 

Hungary: From Victory to Self-inflicted Defeat Happiest Barrack in the Bloc The Pannon Tiger. 5% GDP growth NATO – EU membership Fiftieth Anniversary of the ’56 Revolution

Hungary in more Detail : 

Hungary in more Detail 1980s reform wing – economic collapse nears The Iron Curtain breachs No Shock Therapy Cyclical Politics, nostalgia No Lustration

The Survival of Communist Elites: 

The Survival of Communist Elites For full details see www.itdis.org

Communism’s Legacy: 

Communism’s Legacy Fear "Uncle State " Tax evasion Old Boy – Communist networks – SS Politics without ideology " I can’t change it anyway " : The Land of No Consequences

The Balatonőszöd Speech : 

The Balatonőszöd Speech “We lied for years. We lied about the economy” “This f..king country” “We have nothing we can be proud of.”


The victory of the Cold War was only partial Huge lessons remain unlearnt; lessons relevant to anywhere where we want to see democracy take root Western foundations / individuals much re-engage The focus must be on the youth What Now?


QUESTIONS? Sebestyen L. v. Gorka Founding Director Institute for Transitional Democracy & International Security (ITDIS), and Director of Policy Studies, EICEE, Washington www.itdis.org www.eicee.org gorka@itdis.org

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