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The Paradise Institute

What is The Paradise Institute?: 

What is The Paradise Institute? • “a new artistic format located between disciplines.” 3 • A hybrid genre, The paradise Institute takes aspects from video projection, audio, and performance. • Created by Janet Cardiff and Gorge Bures Miller

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How’d they do that?: 

How’d they do that? record and re-record Cardiff and Miller were their own movie producers, writers and cameramen.


Quotes “many people told me that they got angry at other audience members when a woman answered her cell phone, because the attendants had asked them to turn their phones off before entering. The cell phone was on the soundtrack.” (Cardiff/ 4) “It’s sort of a model of a film because you get iconic scenes that involve you, and that seem very familiar in terms of cinema.” (Cardiff/ 5) “We wanted The Paradise Institute to be about the whole experience of the cinema including the background noise.” (Cardiff/ 4) “People get sick of the woman sitting next to them (that we put on the soundtrack) eating the popcorn or talking because they want to listen to the movie, but her comments and actions are integral to the screen plot.” (Cardiff / 4) “It’s just plain fun to fool with peoples perceptions.” (Cardiff / 4)

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Awards La Biennale di Venezia Special Award at the 2001 Venice Biennale. Benesse Prize 3

Other Works: 

Other Works Audio Walks : To Touch (1993) The Dark Pool (1995) Playhouse (1997) The Muriel Lake Incident (1999) Forty Part Motet (2001) 8 Whispering Room 4

Works Cited: 

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