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PHRASAL VERBS They are a combination of a verb and preposition / adverb to have another meaning

What’s the meaning of these verbs?:

What’s the meaning of these verbs? 1. Please turn ON / OFF the TV. I’m trying to study. 2. Don’t get ALONG with my sister. We’re always arguing. 3. Oh, no! We’ve RUN OUT OF coffee. Would you like tea instead? 4. I feel sick. I think I need to LIE DOWN.

Read the sentences What’s the meaning of each phrasal verb?:

Read the sentences What’s the meaning of each phrasal verb? 1. My car has just BROKEN DOWN. 2. Kevin feels cold, so he has PUT ON his jacket. 3. Pat GOT ALONG WITH Brenda at the party last night. 4. The flight TOOK OFF some minutes ago. 5. Our family has to save electricity, so we always TURN OFF the lights, when they aren’t necessary. 6. If Karen doesn’t know the expression, she’s going to LOOK UP it in the dictionary.

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7. Alfred feels upset when he has to TRY ON clothes in stores. 8. Sam hasTHROWN AWAY his can of soda because it was empty. 9. That boy is PICKING UP the money, someone has lost it. 10. When Joe was preparing breakfast, he RAN OUT OF milk. 11. LOOK OUT! There’s a pole right in front of you. 12. I’m over weight, then I GAVE UP eating chocolate.

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