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Leadership is one of the organization's assets and to rule and manage the organization or to become an effective manager you must possess leadership skills and expertise. visit


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Business Empowerment Program Provides Effective Business Solutions to the Business Problems Leadership plays a critical role in the effectiveness and performance of an organization. Leadership is one of the organizations assets and to rule and manage the organization or to become an effective manager you must possess leadership skills and expertise. In an organizational context leaders create a clear vision develop strategies communicate it to organization members that help them in realizing the vision and motivate people to work towards achieving the vision. They also negotiate for support and necessary resources to help implement the goals. As society has advanced in terms of leisure time technology and the communication of ideas people increasingly desire to experience spirituality not only in their personal lives but also in their work the place where they spend more than half of the time. Spiritual leadership involves an inherent quality of motivating and inspiring workers through faith in a vision. The reason behind bringing spiritual leadership in an organization is to fulfill the basic needs of both leaders and followers for spiritual well-being to create vision and value empowered team to foster higher levels of employee well-being organizational commitment financial performance and social responsibility.

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In other words Spiritual leadership is leadership that comes out of our life force our spirit. For some of us that spirit is nurtured by a connection to "Spirit"– that is the creative force that • Makes and sustains life • Force us breathes • Inspires us by many names: God Goddess Love and Mother Earth. Or some find their spirits deeply connected to the spirits of their ancestors plants and animals of the elements of their People of the wider community. In such a competitive environment the organizations require empowered employees who continuously provide high-quality products effective services and innovation in the business to generate profits. Empowerment is the process that enables an individual to think behave gives power control over work or to take action if necessary and authority of decision making. Following are the major reasons for carrying out empowerment in the organization as: • It provides the best and fastest solutions to all your business problems • It provides growth opportunities for employees • It helps in lowering organizational cost The lighthouse church of Houston becomes one of the fastest growing churches of America founded by Pastor Keion Henderson. Our mission is committed to aiding people throughout the world by providing the tools of leadership and business development to realize their full potential And choosing lighthouse church of Houston is one of the best options for you to improve the lifestyle as Keion Henderson Sermons considers as one of the world’s most inspirational and influential leaders who traveling extensively to share the gospel around the globe to provide leadership and business development tools to you. To know more about Keion Henderson Ministries please call us at 281.741.3693 or visit our website HERE

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