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Walk a Labyrinth… Monday, Jan. 23 rd & Tuesday, Jan. 24 th RSC Ballroom  9am - 2pm and 5-7pm. Campus Ministry @ WSU invites all students, faculty & staff to experience this ancient spiritual practice at no cost or obligation. Plan on at least 20-30 minutes, but feel free to spend longer. A Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice , found in several cultures. As a Christian practice, the most famous labyrinth may be the one on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, which was constructed around the year 1200. A Labyrinth is not a maze , it is a single path to the center and back out. Walking a Labyrinth can be a deep encounter with the self and the divine. For more information see: It can be a stress release, a meditation, a prayer or just a stroll. There is no wrong way to walk a labyrinth .

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