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e•vanced solutions RSS/XML/ATOM Feeds Intro: 

e•vanced solutions RSS/XML/ATOM Feeds Intro You will need to phone into a conference call for the audio portion of this webinar. Dial: 916-233-4200 Participant code: 226436 # Please note: IF background noise from your location is a problem, and if your phone has a mute function, please use it for the duration of the event (except when you are speaking to the group). If your phone does not have a mute function, please use the following codes:       To silence your line: press * and 6 on your phone To un-mute your line: press * and 6 again Welcome to this…


Agenda Show what is possible and give you some ideas Explain how the tool works and how you can adjust the feed to get what you want Point you to some resources for integrating RSS into your website and show you an example Discuss other applications of RSS in the library

Going Beyond the Calendar : 

Going Beyond the Calendar Some great examples of libraries utilizing the RSS/XML feeds to go beyond the calendar ImaginOn (NC) http://imaginon.org/default.asp Charlotte Mecklenburg County Public Library Barrington Public Library (IL) http://www.barringtonarealibrary.org/ Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library (OH) http://www.heightslibrary.org/ Orange County Library System (FL) www.ocls.info

What’s in the Feed: 

What’s in the Feed Event Content in a marked up metafile format (XML data) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> - <event> - <item> <title>Professional is as professional does</title> <date>Saturday October 21st, 2006</date> <time>01:00 PM</time> <description>Basic skills for group leaders</description> <location>DPL Program Room</location> <library>North Demo Library</library> <link>http://websitepath/evanced/lib/eventsignup.asp?ID=461</link> </item> - <item> <title>BEGINNING CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH</title> <date>Monday October 23rd, 2006</date> <time>06:00 PM</time> <description>Hendricks College Network Class designed for people who have little to no knowledge of Spanish.</description> <location /> <library>South Demo Library</library> <link>http://websitepath/evanced/lib/eventsignup.asp?ID=465</link> </item> </event>

RSS vs. XML vs. ATOM: 

RSS vs. XML vs. ATOM All related forms of data feed RSS and ATOM standardize the output to specific formats that ease translation of the data RSS and ATOM use XML to do this XML is more of a “raw” data output that can be used in many applications

Getting the feeds: 

Getting the feeds Just a URL: [path]/Eventsxml.asp Displays the events At Branch 0 (lib=0) Today’s date that are after the current time XML format However there are many parameters that can be passed through the URL to control the output:

Link Formatting (continued): 

Link Formatting (continued) lib – this is used to control the events for a given library/branch or events for all branches [Default is 0]. Use the library number (lib=x) or “all” (lib=all) to specify the library’s events that are to be displayed. [Path to event calendar]/eventsxml.asp?lib=1 do – this is the date offset used to add X number of days to today’s date [Default is 0; today;’s date] [Path to event calendar]/eventsxml.asp?lib=all&do=1 alltime – this is used to display all event times, even events that are past the current time. Use alltime=1 to override the default setting. [Path to event calendar]/eventsxml.asp?lib=1&alltime=1 nd – this is used to specify how many days worth of events to show [Default is 1]. Path to event calendar]/eventsxml.asp?lib=all&nd=7 et – this is used to limit the output to only certain event types. The default is to show all event types. You can specify multiple event types by separating them with a comma and a space (et=Adult+Program,+Book+Discussion) [Path event calendar]/eventsxml.asp?lib=all&nd=14&et=Adult+Programs

Link Formatting (continued): 

Link Formatting (continued) ag – this is used to limit the output to only events for certain age groups. Similar to “et” above, you can specify multiple age groups by separating them with a comma and a space. kw – this is used to limit output to only events which contain a given keyword. [Path event calendar]/eventsxml.asp?lib=all&nd=30&kw=knitting primarygroup – determines whether only the primary event type and age group are searched (primarygroup=1), or search secondary/tertiary event types and age groups for each event as well (default). dm – this is used to output using a different XML format. Valid values are “xml” to use the XML format described above, “rss2” to output a RSS 2.0 feed, and “atom1” to output an ATOM 1.0 feed. The default value is “xml”. [Path to event calendar]/eventsxml.asp?lib=all&nd=7&dm=rss2

Resources on RSS and your Website: 

Resources on RSS and your Website How you integrate RSS feeds into your website will depend on what tools you are using to develop your site Just a few sites/tools found doing a quick Google search http://www.rss-info.com/en_rssinclude.html http://www.slideshare.net/travelinlibrarian/integrating-rss-into-your-web-site http://grazr.com/ -- RSS Web Widget Tool Many many more resources are out there

Digital Signage: 

Digital Signage Feeds are also a handy way to connect your calendar data to digital signage systems. Most digital signage solutions support RSS Considering a Digital Signage Solution? We have a informal partnership with Interface Electronics Inc. John Noll 4579 Abbotts Bridge Rd. Duluth, Ga. 30097 jnoll@interface.com 770-623-1066 ext 125

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