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Career Guidance Cell of SD College Ambala Cantt and UniSkills have collaborated for the Newsletter focused on Career Guidance and Skill Development


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Bridging the Gap between Education Employment CGC/ CareerKaushal/September 2017/ Volume 01/ Issue 01 Editors: Dr. Alka Sharma Convener-CGC Dr. J.D. Chauhan Co-Convener-CGC Guest Editor: Mr. Parveen Kumar Sharma Guest Faculty Communication Skills A Monthly Newsletter by the Career Guidance Cell Student Editor: Priya Sharma B.Sc. Medical Final Year  Resource Centre-cum-Skill Enhancement Unit  Awareness about Career Trends Pre-requisites for Government Corporate Jobs  Prepares the students to overcome challenges of the corporate world  Regular Career Counseling and Guidance to the students  Clever Career Choice Guidance based on Student Aptitude  Facilitates Campus Placement Drives and coordinate with the employers Mentor‟s Note: The responsibility of an educational institution is not just to impart curriculum and conducting the degree related examination. It is much beyond that. There has to be a support system from the side of the institution which guides the students to a career they deserve. With a glorious legacy of 100 years SD College always endeavours to add that extra to the academic learning of the students. Career Guidance Cell of the college is the vehicle through which we ensure that we take curriculum based learning to a new level. Students should be empowered in Skills and Career Oriented Competence CGC is doing that very thing through the ever-widening scope of their activities at college. I wish to congratulate the CGC Team on the inaugural issue of a thoughtful Career Guidance Newsletter. I am sure students are going to be benefited from this. My best wishes to Everyone Dr. Rajinder Singh Principal

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CGC has taken this responsibility to provide the best guidance and assistance to each student for a Successful Career. Page 02/ CareerKaushal/September2017 1. Courtesy 2. Consideration 3. Clarity 4. Correctness 5. Completeness 6. Concreteness 7. Conciseness 1. Name 2. Degree 3. Specialisation 4. Career Objective/Orientation 5. Strengths 6. Interests 7. Association and Activities at College you participate in Communication is based on these SEVEN: Introduction: Elements “Dont watch the clock do what it does. Keep going.”-Sam Levenson "If your ship doesnt come in swim out to it." - Jonathan Winters A Monthly Newsletter by the Career Guidance Cell From the CGC Convener: Career is not just about getting a job in any random domain of service or industry. It is about the right selection of job and before that it is about developing the competence to choose the most appropriate career option. Students today are facing difficulties in making intelligent selection of their career. CGC has been established to deal with the same confusion and complexity. We guide the students to develop the 21st Century Skills that employers look for when they come to the college for placements. Even at the off-campus level students need these skills. Communication Skills Personality Development Spoken English are some of the major areas we are working in. Each year we organise workshops seminars guest lectures and placement preparation workshops to equip the students with the job-oriented skills and knowledge. On behalf of the CGC Team I wish to invite each student to ask for Career Guidance and Placement Assistance in the form of Resume and Interview Preparation. CGC Team shall do the best to help you accomplish your goal of a better career. Share your concern and feedback with us and get ready to make an impressive entry into a successful career All the Best Dr. Alka Sharma Associate Professor Dept. of English

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A Team of Teachers and Students CGC: Team Page 03/ CareerKaushal/September2017 Bridging the Gap between Education Employment Dr. Alka Sharma Convener Dr. Jaideep Chauhan Co-Convener Dr. Rajni Gupta Ms. Zeenat Madan Mr. Gulshan Saini Mr. Satbir Ms. Heena Ms. Ruchi Sharma Ms. Arti Sharma Ms. Harleen Ms. Hina Ms. Manisha Faculty Team Kirti Madaan Pooja Amandeep Kritika Parul Shubhangi Lalit Abhishek Diksha Anirudh Umesh Varsha Arushi Isha Saini Manogya Priya Students‟ Team 1. Mr. Vikas Sethi of Professional‟s Den 2. Narender Aggarwal of Gurukul Drona 3. Dr. Meera Sharma Freelance Trainer 4. Parveen Kumar Sharma of UniSkills LLP Kurukshetra Industry Experts in CGC

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Expert Advice We are all in the mid of a swirl which is unpredictable. We cannot predict what will happen to a particular business or curriculum. Nowadays the transition is evident. This is also logical to believe that the skills that were important in the previous decade may not be required anymore. This is an age of technology and artificial intelligence. This is the century of Communication Skills and Critical Thinking. Creativity and Collaboration are other two skills that are in high demand by the employers. You all will agree that we have been lacking in Professional Knowledge which is resulting in the fall of Professional Competence. These two terms may sound like academic concepts but this is a reality that we are lacking in them. This is based on the latest observation that we all are in degrees and only in degrees not in subjects or learning. Isn‟t it sad that someone doing Commerce or Computer Application or even BioTech will say that the knowledge and expertise are low Can you afford NOT to KNOW the HOME you are living in Can you expect the employer giving you the job when you do not know good enough of the same degree you claim as the eligibility Friends this is a call for immediate action because the hiring process is becoming less complicated and more organised these days. Companies are becoming professional in their selection approach as well. Welfare interviews may die and only the ones who possess Knowledge and Competence will survive. When we take workshops and sessions we wish to get quality questions from the students. The level of thinking and observation will get poor if you do not understand the need of strong comprehension for real learning. All these thoughts are to make you feel that Career is based on preparation. The Formula that can be suggested for you is:  Pay Attention to What is being Taught  Give time to Self-Study and Research about the Topic on your own  Prepare NOTES  Share Your Understanding and Queries with the Teachers  Attempt Research Papers or at least start Reading them  Make a List of Employers and Research about the Companies  Develop a Team of Learners among Friends  Bring Back the art of READING  Plan Your Career SMARTLY not just Decide and be a Blind Follower In fact you know your generation better and you are more empowered to envision the future of Jobs and Careers. Use the insights and be the one who Guides others Parveen is a Skill Development Facilitator with UniSkills School of Skill Development Kurukshetra Guest Editor: Parveen Kumar Sharma Careers are Unpredictable Your Preparations shouldn’t be Page 04/ CareerKaushal/September2017

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Featured Article “CareerKaushal Confident Communicator” On the final day of the 1971 India Pakistan War on the outskirts of Dhaka 3000 Indian troops had encircled 26000 Pakistani troops which were holed up inside the city. The commander of the Indian operations Gen Jacob called up his Pakistani counterpart Gen AAK Niazi and said “Your troops are completely surrounded and outnumbered and it will be in their better safety to surrender.” It was the confidence in his voice and communication that the Pakistani General decided to surrender even though his soldiers were nearly 9 times more in number. It is very important in Communication Skills to have the courage to speak confidently and have the bravery to speak the truth that people avoid speaking. A lot of time youngsters come to me and ask me “Sir my parents don‟t have confidence in me what should I do” I tell them “How much confidence other people will have in you will depend directly upon how much confidence you have in yourself.” As a teenager my passion was playing football. There were to be the trials for the zonal team one day and because of groupism among the players my name was not included in the probables. I nevertheless went for the trials and was standing by the side of the ground when the trial match was going on being conducted by the coach/selector. Once he had seen the playing of other players for a short while I raised my hand and the coach noticed it. I kept my hand up and after a while he removed one player and asked me to come and play in his place. Within five minutes of my playing he called the captain and scolded him that why he had not written my name in the probables when I was such a good player. Just a small thing like raising your hand at the right time can be effective communication. Never indulge in unnecessary arguments and discussions but where and when it is required to speak speak out. Which ever field you may choose in your life be it sports science journalism politics or social work you can not succeed unless you have the courage to speak and speak well. Gandhi Nelson Mandela Bhagat Singh Subhash Chandra Bose Mohammad Ali APJ Kalam or Narendra Modi they all have been good and brave communicators. If you choose not to become a good communicator you will have only yourself to blame for your failure. BE BRAVE to Communicate and Put Forward Your Views with Firmness Connect with the Hero: „Courage in Communication‟ Navin Gulia Page 05/ CareerKaushal/September2017

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Expert Advice “We‟ve got to feel the audience” he said and with a warm smile on his craggy face as he gently rubbed his coarse hands together. “What Feel the audience How exactly do you mean” I asked. “Well you see most of us when we stand to make a presentation we are concerned with two things one we are concerned with the thought of how exactly will impress the audience and the second we are concerned about how exactly will the audience perceive and accept us. These two concerns are the manifestations of either self-importance and/or of self-consciousness. Both these manifestations are born in the ego a self image of us that is skewed away from our true self” he said. “And then” I urged him on. “And” he went on “when we are skewed away from our true self we are pretending we are putting on act to impress others. When we are pretending to be who we are not then we are standing on shaky ground and we are unsure of how to appear steady calm and self-confident while scores of eyes are watching our every move every gesture and every expression. Under such scrutiny the veneer of pretension will crack and usually does crack.” “Uh hmm I see what you mean” I said “how then does empathy become the solution to this malady” “Pretty simple” he said “when we care respect and view the audience to be human to be frail of ego just as we are then we are naturally overcome by a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood. If I may push the idea a bit more we begin to empathize with them and for them. It‟s a great feeling and it diffuses all the hot air that is pent up inside of us as would be presenters. We come down to earth and our focus moves towards the mission at hand. The mission at hand is always of adding value building something new something that carries High Impact.” “Gotcha” I said to „Craggy Face‟ “I understand you want us all to turn into monks at heart. Ok” „Craggy Face‟ smiled warmly and rubbed his coarse hands gently and happily. He was pretty cool that way Empathy in Presentations Page 06/ CareerKaushal/September2017

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CareerKaushal EdTech Softwares Apps Web for Communication Skills OXFORD ADVANCE Learner‟s Dictionary: CD- ROM with Oxford iWriter Take a Look at the Dictionary‟s CD ROM which has the Advanced Learning Features that enables you to Do the same dictionary functions along with some super-special features. The 9th edition has come with more features. The iWriter helps you in working on Presentation Reports and Resume etc. The list of 3000 Words Vocabulary Activities Grammar Maps are some other features that make Oxford ALD an integral part of our learning system. Get the latest edition and install the complimentary Software on Desktop/Laptop and LEARN “Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts messages or information as by speech visuals signals writing or behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or a group of living creatures. Pragmatics defines communication as any sign-mediated interaction that follows combinatorial context-specific and content-coherent rules. Communicative competence designates the capability to install inter-subjective interactions which means that communication is an inherent social interaction.”  Active Listening Activity Ideas  Assertive Communication Skill Tips  Communication Skills Activities  Effective Business Communication Skills  Effective Communication At Work detailsidcom.springz.comm_skills Job Portals Page 07/ CareerKaushal/September2017 Web Guidance Online Courses:  NPTEL  SWAYAM  Open2Study  Future Learn  Coursera  EdX

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Resume Components Page 08/ CareerKaushal/September2017

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Testimonials Rahul Dogra B.Com. 2014-2017 Blogger and Social Media Writer For me the workshops conducted by CGC proved life changing. I was not aware of blogging and other social media nuances. Once I attended a workshop that opened this unknown domain of learning and now I am a blogger and a writer as well. I believe that students need to brought out of their cocoons because this takes us nowhere. CGC has been doing the skill development work with dedication. I am sure students will earn a lot of learning through them. All thanks to CGC Page 09/ CareerKaushal/September2017 Capt. Navin Gulia Renowned Motivational Speaker and Author I gave a Talk to the young wonderful and enthusiastic students who are truly filled with immense energies and can do wonders in their careers and life. I congratulate SD College for entering a unique achievement of completing 100 years. It was a pleasure and honour to be at the college. Best wishes to all students and I am sure the college will carry forward the efforts to make better citizens. Smriti Bhardwaj Life Coach Career Guide While I write this testimonial for the college and the CGC I must put in words my appreciations for the girl students who carry immense potential and strengths in them. They can indeed make their families and the college feel proud of their learning. It is good that CGC has come up with this innovative idea of a newsletter. I wish them best of luck and look forward for the publication of quality contents for all. Sakshi Arora All students who do graduation have some aspirations-hidden or known. We all wanted to know our potential and get the right guidance about selection of a career. CGC came to us at the right time and got us connected to experts who are like our own life mentors now. The best thing about the experts has been that they keep on guiding us always. Thanks Lot CGC

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Contact the Editorial Board at the Career Guidance Cell Office Students are invited to contribute their experiences of Placements and Join the CGC Team of Volunteers. Share Online about us with CareerKaushal Page 10/ CareerKaushal/September2017 Bridging the Gap between Education Employment Skills enable Confidence to Move Ahead with Knowledge Without the Skill to Share and Speak all knowledge remains passive. We Plan-We Execute Calendar of Events for September-October September:  Guest Lecture on “Aviation Hospitality Tour Travel Industry”  Guest Lecture on “Banking SSC and other related courses”  Workshop on “Interview Skills” October:  Workshop on “Basic Computing Skills for Non IT students”  Guest Lecture on “Email/Report Writing”  Guest Lecture on “Social Media Marketing”  Guest Lecture on “Software Testing Tools” We are in the 101 Year now...

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